Friday, July 18, 2008

I am the worlds laziest blogger

actually i am the worlds laziest photographer. it just seems to be so much work to get the pictures from the camera to the portable hard drive and then to load to blogger.

it is just too much work for summer.

But that is okay cause a lot of you do not know us in real life so here are some pictures of Ella's 8th Birthday. she was baptised when she turned 8.

here is a pic of Ella and Adrian. He baptised her. His glasses were those transition lenses that turn dark. They make me CRAZY. He doesn't have them any more, Thank goodness!
Here is Ella before church

and here she is after her baptism with her dog cake. she loooooves dogs.
next Thursday Ella turns 10 and we have an awesome party planned. hopefully i will get my lazy tail in gear and post some pics of that soon.

ummmmm... whose nose is in the corner of that picture??

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I know, I know, I have been MIA....

I have a billion pictures to show you and stuff to tell you about. We have been to the beach. We have been to the mountains. We have had enough vacation to last a good long while. Next week the 3 oldest go to Church Camp. Then there is band camp. Then our Japanese exchange student. And then School starts back.

I WILL get to all of this. But first, THIS:

DO not rent this. Do not let the lady at the video store tell you that it just has a few swear words. I don't do swear words, but our TVGuardian can take care of those. Do not let her say that it is fine for family viewing. Do not be lulled into a sense of security because the middle school has a poster in the entry hallway advertising this movie.

Do not look at Owen Wilson on the cover. Because he is a hottie.

This movie sucks eggs. And it is vulgar. Disgusting. Rude. Inappropriate.

I had to fast forward through half of it and the other half we were reading because the TVGuardian was editing out some kind of vulgarity and muting the real words.

I took it back to Movie Gallery tonight. She sent me home with a replacement movie.

Bee Movie. Moviemom says that it is appropriate for preschoolers.

It better be. Or I am going to go all Drillbit Taylor crazy on Movie Gallery.