Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apron yumminess

Apron yumminess indeed!
If you hurry and sign up by midnight tonight you will be entered into a drawing for some adorable gift tags.
Hurry. or as we would say in Hong Kong fidiaaaaaaahhhhhhh.
I have no idea how to spell that last word. Phonetically it is fie-dee but in Cantonese they often add aaahhhh to the end of words.
So there is your added Chinese bonus. I bet you didn't even stop by for that. Next time I will have to teach you your address and then you will be able to tell the taxi drive to where to get you and to do it FAST.
Happy New Years!!
Oh, and yesterday was Molly's Birthday and tonight she is getting baptised. Yes, my baby is 8! We are having a rip roaring party after her baptism, so hopefully I will remember to take pictures and share them with you tomorrow.

Monday, December 29, 2008


You really need to hear what happened yesterday. But first a will have to give you a little history of what we have been up to.

On the 26th we loaded up to go to Fall Creek Falls and stay in cabins with my in-laws and celebrate Christmas. It is only about 30 miles to Fall Creek Falls, but takes about an hour to get there because we have to climb a mountain and then spend time driving through the park.

We arrived and had a great time. Between Adrian and his sister Gretchen we have 10 kids ages 7 to 16. They had a blast.

Molly received a very special present from her cousins. A male Beta Fish.

Molly loves him and named him Lewis. Or maybe Louis. I haven't asked her (0:

So on the 28th we headed back down the mountain to come home and officially close out Christmas 2008.

We had moved Lewis/Louis out of his bowl and back into his plastic container with lid that he came home from the pet store to transport him home. The container looks like one of those that you might buy pimento cheese in at the deli. except that it has a hole in the top so your little fishy doesn't die. Molly was holding him on her lap.

We had been cruising along for about 30 minutes. The kids were watching the second half of Prince Caspian, as they had watched the first half on the way there.

And then:


Molly threw up all over everything.

Including poor Lewis/Louis.

He is still alive, but really glad to be back in his bowl. With clean water.

The really freaky part of the story is that about a year ago we went up the mountain to Spencer to watch William play basketball and on the way home Molly threw up. At the very same spot. We have some friends that live along there and we pulled into their driveway both times to clean her up.

This is onefamily tradition that I hope we do NOT continue in the future!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday Dear Cynthia
Happy Birthday to Me

37 years old today
Also.. head over to wish this blogger congratulations. She was smart enough to give birth to a baby today. In honor of me, no doubt!!
Welcome Joshua. (Unless they decided on a different name)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Facebook Quandary

is that how you spell quandary? Anyway, I decided to type in the names of long lost friends in Facebook today. Some people I had not seen since I was 7.

30 years ago. wow

I found many of them. Or I found their brother or sister.

So I sent out some messages. And received many responses. It was neat. and overwhelming. and scary. and unsettling.

People make choices. Sometimes they are surprising. or shocking. or disappointing. or inspiring.

My friends are now Doctors. and Professors. they are grey headed. or bald. have grown beards. changed religions and ideologies.

Teenage crushes are now holding their babies in pictures.

I am not sure if sometimes memories are better than reality.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ho Ho Huh?

It is 10:00 PM and I am waiting for my pan of corn syrup and sugar to reach 238 degrees so I can make homemade marshmallows for tomorrow mornings parties.

Let the Holiday madness begin!!


It is now 10:29 and the beautiful fluffy white goodness is in a jellyroll pan hardening up.

If it is easy to cut in the morning this is definitely a keeper recipe. It was SO easy.

If you make them let me tell you what worried me,. and then you will be able to do it stress free.

When you pour the boiling, 238 degree sugar/corn syrup mixture into the mixer bowl you end up with a watery grey stuff. It is totally gross looking. I was afraid I had scalded it. I mean, marshmallows are a perfect white....

They turned perfect white about 9 minutes into the beating time. Once it quit sloshing around and I could turn the mixer up nice and high.

Oh, and yeas, it tastes heavenly. I can't wait to sample the finished product tomorrow. Ella and Molly will be taking them to school to float in their hot chocolate while they have a quick Polar Express party. Tomorrow is one of those silly 2 hour days, so they will really only be there an hour and then...

woo hoo 3 weeks of Christmas holidays!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adrian's Explanations and the REAL explanation

My husband had two ideas of what happened to cause the wild rumpus. (name the book!) He told us these the next day because he promptly went back to bed once he saw that no children were injured.

Explanation 1:

When he first heard Molly start talking about blood (everywhere, as she put it) and Ella had gone into the bathroom he thought Ella was bleeding. He decided that the cat must have decided to play with Ella's hair while she was asleep and shredded her face.

Umm, what is she Cujo kitty? I can hardly picture her shredding Ella face. And even if she did, why was she running and spitting and hissing and the dog chasing her if she was simply playing with Ella's hair? Nope, interesting theory, but untrue. No children were harmed. At least not that night....

Explanation 2:

When he found out that Ella was okay and that Esme was just actually leaving bloody footprints he decided that Esme had cut her foot.

On some broken glass.

In her litter box.

While she was doing her business.

So she started growling and hissing and jumping around while still in the middle of going. So that explains the poop and pee on the floor and the blood. And then the dog just got excited because Esme was freaking out.

Sorry, but how did the broken glass get in the litter box???

Nice try Adrian but wrong again.

So he did not know what had happened. And none of you have figured out yet, either. Kittens are a good guess, but Esme is only about3-4 months old herself, so we still have a little time before she can have kittens.

I told Adrian that I was going to tell you all his theories and then tomorrow night tell you what actually happened, but he said that was mean, so I will tell you.

We have some barn cats. And we have French Doors in the basement. Every once in a while those doors blow open. And in comes a visitor. This night the door to the basement stairs was also slightly ajar, which is not so uncommon because Rachel has a bedroom down there.

Now Bandit loves little kitten Esme, but he also LOVES to chase the barn cats.

See what happened? Barn cat creeps upstairs. Bandit sees/smells/hears barn cat. chase ensues. Barn cat has crap scared out of him.


Barn cat escapes back downstairs before any of us can get ourselves out of bed to see what is up.

That is why sleepy Esme was rubbing up against Bandit instead of all puffed up and mad. She slept through the whole thing.

Do you think that cat will venture into the house again?

We really need to remind Rachel to check the deadbolt on that door before she goes to bed...
She will end up with a possum in her bed. Or a skunk. Ugh, could you imagine? I guess we are lucky it was just a cat!

AAHHH life in the country!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

3:45 AM

A few nights ago I was happily sleeping. I love to sleep. We got a new mattress this summer and it is heavenly. I could lay there all day. I f my husband was like a normal husband and left the house in the morning to catch the train to go to an office and work for some mega company, I might stay in it all day.

That would so rock.

Instead he stays home and works from the living room. By his own choice he gets up before the sun and goes and starts working. No one makes him. How self motivated is that?

I think he has a mental illness. Really. Who does that?

SO back to my happy sleeping. I was cozy, under 3 big blankets and the cutest blue sheets with brown flowers on them when there arose such a clatter that I had to spring from my bed to see what was the matter. teehee

Now, let me back this up, I never wake up. NEVER. Molly will get up at 4:00 in the morning and take a shower. the bathroom door is 3 inches form my open bedroom door. I never even know she was up until I find her asleep on the couch with wet hair at 5:50 when I get up.

But this clatter was loud enough to wake the dead. The dead and asleep in her comfy happy bed Cynthia.

It was a cat. Spitting. Meowing. Having a total, dare I say, hissy fit. This was accompanied by a dog. Barking, growling, running into furniture, walls. CHAOS.

I make it into the living room and Ella is already out there, standing next to the basement door crying. I try to figure out what is wrong. I assume that the kitten, Esme, has tormented the dog, Bandit, and he has finally decided to put her in her place. But while I was trying to comfort Ella, Esme walked sleepily out of Ella and Molly's room and rubbed up against Bandit.

Were these the animals that were tearing into each other 30 seconds earlier?

Then Molly starts freaking out. "Esme is bleeding!!!" I scoop Esme up and tell Rachel to go and get a towel. (Notice how many people have shown up by now, I told you it was loud.)

Upon further inspection, Esme is not bleeding, she has simply walked through a small pool of blood in the doorway of the girls room. Then we notice cat pee in a long line. And poop. Bits of cat poop in about a ten foot long trail.??????????????

What has happened? Molly figured it out right away.

Any guesses? I will tell the rest of the weird story tomorrow and tell you the two strange theories Adrian had.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Have I learned a new blog trick?


I wanted to add this as an audio clip that you just clicked and it played. Like a YouTube video.

I have failed. You click it and then have to click again. It isn't hard, just not perfect! I like perfect.

But it is a recording of the Free Beer and Hot Wings guys reading Adrian's story and making fun of him.

My husband is not shy

and it does not bother him to have people laugh at him. Case in point:

Did you all enjoy his story of setting up a Christmas Tree?

He decided to send that story to the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show. It is a syndicated morning radio show out of Grand Rapids Michigan that plays on a local Nashville station that my husband listens too sometimes. (warning, they use questionable language, he has to turn them off a lot)

So this morning they read the story, verbatim.

And then dogged my husband. Hardcore

It was enough to make any wife proud.

I tried to upload the audio but I cannot figure out how. When I figure it out I will put it up here.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Homecoming Freak Out

we have a wee bit of a Homecoming Drama at our house.

The school picks the dress the girls wear.

You guessed it. Plunging neckline and bare shoulders. SO NOT MODEST. (well, maybe it is appropriate for a party at HUGH HEFNER'S house!) Rachel is looking for nude colored leotards to wear under it. She is going to try to get them to consider going to a different website (like BeautifullyModest.com) but right now it is just making me worry and her feel frantic.

I think that it is moments like this that she needs to stand up and let people see who she is and what she believes.

AARRGHHHH, this is hard!

My husbands contribution to Xmas blogging

Adrian is starting to blog. Kind of. He wrote this story out and sent it in an email to the kids, but I wanted to share it with everyone. He said it was okay. Feel free to laugh out loud at him!

I was listening to the radio this morning about the host's Christmas tree experience and it reminded me of a one of my stupid experiences from a few years ago.

I bought a live Christmas tree, brought it home and cut the bottom of the tree off, as you do. I drug it in across the floor to the corner where it was to stand. I did not think to cover the floor with plastic and thus had pine needles all over the carpet. For some reason, I decided to vacuum the needles up before standing the tree. With floor kind of cleaned, I began to stand the tree up when I realized that the tree was too tall. Cutting the top was not much of an option, but I could cut a bit more off the bottom, and that should work. I was not looking forward to the mess of needles again on the carpet and decided it would be less messy to cut the tree inside and just clean up the small amount of sawdust.

Here is where the stupidity starts. Most people would have used a hand saw of some sort, not me, I go out to the porch, retrieve my chainsaw, and bring it in the house. I must have flooded it when I cranked it because it started billowing blue smoke everywhere. The house is quickly filling with smoke, my eyes were burning, but at this point I am committed. It should only take a minute. I was almost finished when I realized that the chain is slinging oil and oily sawdust everywhere, ceilings, walls, carpet, everywhere. When I finished, the house was so full of smoke, we had to pack up the little kids (4 kids and the oldest was 3), open all the windows and doors and leave. 3 hours later, the smoke was gone but the smell and mess did not leave completely for days.

This is representative of most of our decorating experiences....

No list today!

Yesterday I finished numbers 1,2,3,4,5, and part of 6.

Today I have to go to work, so as it is 8:35 I really need to start getting my tail in gear. But just so you know today I have already cleaned the top oven, folded a load of laundry, emptied and filled the dishwasher. And of course made breakfast, packed lunches drove kids to school, yada, yada,yada.

I am feeling sooo inspired by Lisa's idea of chocolate chip cookies. NOT. sorry Lisa, thanks for commenting. p.s. you need a blog!!!

But April had this idea and my family real likes those Andes mint thingies, so maybe I will try them this year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, get your tail in gear and do it!

Yesterday I was the picture of motivation. I would have given Snow White a run for her money in the housekeeping department even without the animals help. Because you know what?


I'm sorry to burst your bubble. They shed, and get into trash cans and lay on the back of the couch and sleep.

Like that stinkin' kitten needs a nap more than me! If she would quit spending her mornings playing "I want to eat all the bare toes that walk anywhere in this house" she wouldn't be so tired. I'm just saying....

So I need to tackle the list, but I am no good with leftovers so I decided a new list would be more motivating.

1. shower. I forgot to put that one on yesterdays list.
2. vacuum up the ten million needles on the ground. AGAIN.
3. empty dishwasher and fill it back up.
4. go to Walmart and buy Goodnights. And more Christmas lights. and TP, milk, OJ,
5. FINISH all laundry
6. buy gifts for out of town nieces/nephews
7. decide what cookies to make
8. buy fabric for Grandma's present. This should be easy. She likes taupe. and taupe. and camel. and antelope. and dark camel. and sand. Those are all colors. I very much doubt she likes those animals.
9. make appt. at orthodontist. See Rachel, I will remember to do that someday soon!

Hey, that is pretty manageable. Here is where you guys have to help me. What kind of cookies should I make? Now do not be shy, leave a comment and tell me your favorite kind!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homecoming Queen?/I really accomplished a lot today

The list has been whittled down significantly. I completed:

1. mail package that I was supposed to mail like a week ago.

2. vacuum ceiling fans

3. go to nice vets office and buy flea medicine for Esme. Those of you in northern and western climates probably think I am kidding.I wish I was kidding.
Fleas. 12 months solid.

4. Decorate our house like a Christmas wonderland. Let me make a comment here. I totally outdid myself this year. My family room looks like a Christmas wonderland. Things are swagged and hung and setting and just so decorated. I never thought I had it in me.

5. iron all 743 of Adrian's shirts (it is times like these that I LOVE Netflix. Miss Marple and I will iron tomorrow.) I included this as complete because I ironed enough shirts that he has one to wear tomorrow. And the next day. I know 2 isn't very impressive but man it kills my neck to iron. I may do another couple before I go to bed. Maybe

6. wash two complete sets of Molly's linens from her bed. Including comforters. including mattress pads. Can anyone guess the problem? I washed about 6 loads and have one in right now. I only have one blanket left and maybe one load of clothes but they are random colors so I will have to wait until tomorrow to make full loads.

15. clean and cook. I washed and put away 3 loads of dishes today. but truth be known I did not cook anything. Adrian cooked his own lunch and we ate dinner out.

Now I just need to finish numbers 7 thru 14 tomorrow.

~~~And now for some really exciting news~~~

Rachel has been voted onto the Homecoming Court at school. She and the other freshman girl have to have matching dresses. They go pick them Monday.

Pretty cool, huh!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The same thing every year

Really, it is. Even though the tree has new lights this year. (Yes, we put it up tonight. All it has is lights so far. Or is that all it has are lights so far? hmm) A million things to do and so I am going to make all of you make me do the junk that needs done.

Are you ready for tomorrows list? Me either. Or is it me neither?

1. mail package that I was supposed to mail like a week ago.
2. vacuum ceiling fans
3. go to nice vets office and buy flea medicine for Esme. Those of you in northern and western climates probably think I am kidding.

I wish I was kidding. Fleas. 12 months solid.

4. decorate house and turn it into a total Christmas wonderland for my kids.
or maybe hang one wreath. We will have to see about this one.
5. iron all 743 of Adrian's shirts (it is times like these that I LOVE Netflix. Miss Marple and I will iron tomorrow.)
6. wash two complete sets of Molly's linens from her bed. Including comforters. including mattress pads. Can anyone guess the problem?
7. bake 15 different kinds of cookies.
8. choose fabric and sew my mothers Christmas present.
9. sew the special secret thing I am making for Ella and Molly. I would tell you, but they read this blog without fail, so I am not gonna ruin the surprise.
10. take pictures of and post about the apron I got from my Sassy Apron swap partner. It is blue and brown and I love it!
11. take a nap.
12. delouse chickens. oops, wait a minute, that is something that would be on Martha Stewart's to do list. NOT on mine. Mine might say, run over chickens.
13. figure out what to get my niece and two of my nephews. And then send it to them. Along with a selection of the 15 different cookies I baked earlier in the day.
14. finish remodelling the basement
15. clean and cook
16. wrap presents

well, that is just what I can think of tonight. I will add to it tomorrow.

So what are the odds I will finish it all tomorrow?

Edit~~ It is 6:55 am. I have packed lunches. Made breakfast. Fussed at William for not getting up. Been informed that I have a third set of linens to wash. And I forgot to mention the electric blanket, too. Oh, and Rachel called and said that she forgot her music book, so I will have to drop that off before school ends so William can drop her at piano.

Gladys, I have let you down by not finishing before 6:00 am, I know, but I am plugging along. I will update in a few hours.

Could someone please tell me how to do a strike through? How else will I know what I have finished on my to do list?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

way cool professor

Homework and Missionary Work Come Together on Student Blogs

Ashley Evanson 12/02/2008 02:59 PM MST

Blogging is more than just posting family pictures, dishing on your favorite things, or a soapbox for you to stand on and spill your heart out. In the eyes of one BYU professor, blogging is how he and students share the gospel worldwide.

For his religion class this semester, Richard Holzapfel changed his usual scripture log assignment to an online blogging assignment where students write their thoughts and feelings on gospel subjects.

“I read Elder Ballard’s call for members of the Church to engage in the online dialogue about the Church this past summer [Ensign, July 2008],” Holzapfel said. He soon thereafter heard a returned missionary expressing disappointment in no longer being able to continue his mission work. “It hit me. We can continue doing missionary work in Provo and at BYU because ‘The world is our campus,’ and the world is alive online.”

In Elder Ballard’s Ensign talk, he wrote, “The emergence of new media is facilitating a worldwide conversation on almost every subject, including religion, and nearly everyone can participate.”
Holzapfel asked his religion classes to create a blog for the sole purpose of Gospel discussion. “I asked them to be ‘real,’” he said.

He explained the impact he and students can have by comparing the situation to cars. People aren’t always convinced by a car commercial, but if their friend has a new car and likes it, they might be more willing to buy one because of the non-authoritative recommendation. “The Church Web site is important,” he said. “However, people will more likely listen to real, flesh and blood members than the official Web site.”

Ryan Howard from State College, Pa., is one of professor Holzapfel’s students. He told BYU’s newspaper the Daily Universe that he was hesitant about the assignment at first.
“After we discussed it a little in class, I realized that blogging can actually be a pretty effective way to get ideas and opinions out there, and in the context of this assignment, increase the amount of pro-Mormon material on the Web,” he said.

Holzapfel said he and students have already seen positive results, engaging in conversations about the gospel with people all over the world.

To read Holzapfel’s blog, go to rsc.byu.edu/blog. For a full list of his students’ blogs, e-mail ashleyk@ldsliving.com with the word “blog” in the subject line.
--- -->

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Topher tells a funny

So I was out blogging around (oh hush, you know you do it too) and came across this.

And I really wanted the rest of you to read it. And laugh.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

This is from April.

I love it. Go and visit her and see how great she is.

Other Peoples Christmas Decorations

Here is my third installment of other peoples Christmas junk:

This is my favorite so far. I think I will be making one of these. Someday. Like 2013. Maybe.

Head over to Green Jello and look at her fab Advent wall hangy thingy

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This is from today's Serious Eats Newsletter. I am in LOVE. I want to eat this 3 meals a day for the next week. Really.

Can you believe this kind of lusciousness greets me in my Inbox? I am one lucky girl...
Bubble and Squeak
- serves 4 -
Adapted from April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig.
1 pound green or Savoy cabbage, thinly sliced/shredded
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
6 tablespoons butter
1 to 1 1/2 pounds leftover mashed potatoes, or 1 pound potatoes, boiled and mashed
Salt and pepper, to taste
1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. In large skillet, heat 2 tablespoons of butter over medium heat and add the onions with a good pinch of salt. Cook, stirring, until soft, then add the cabbage. Cook for an additional 15 minutes until the cabbage is tender.
2. In a large bowl, combine the mashed potatoes with the cabbage mixture, stirring thoroughly to combine. Adjust the seasoning, then mold into 4 patties.
3. Heat the remaining butter in the same skillet and fry the patties until brown. Transfer to an oven-proof dish and heat through in the oven as the patties come off the skillet. Multiple skillets can be used to expedite things.
4. When all the patties are in the oven, fry 4 eggs in butter. Serve with freshly cracked black pepper.

Witty Wednesday/Christmas Stuff

Sent to me by my SIL Jennifer:


An elderly Floridian called 911 on her cell phone to report that her car has been broken into.

She is hysterical as she explains her situation to the dispatcher: 'They've stolen the stereo, the steering wheel, the brake pedal and even the accelerator!' she cried.

The dispatcher said, 'Stay calm. An officer is on the way.'

A few minutes later, the officer radios in. 'Disregard.' He says. 'She got in the back-seat by mistake.'


On a completely different note, here is part 2 of

Pictures of Other peoples Christmas Decorations

(Is that what I even called it last time?)

Jan Mary is posting pictures of her decorations. One post for each day of December. She is a digital scrap booker, so if you are needed some digital scrap booking help, just pop on over.

To her blog. You could go to her house, but she lives in Ireland. Yes, she is a leprechaun.

Just kidding. I hope that isn't an ugly thing to say in Ireland. When I lived in Hong Kong people there used to think I came from a family of gangsters because I had lived in Chicago. I was never offended, just mildly amused. So please Jan Mary, just be mildly amused at my lame attempt at humor.

Okay, now that I have offended everyone of Irish descent. HOLD ON. I am of Irish descent.

Just go and look at her Christmas pics!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my favorite price: FREE

Another for my LDS friends. And really they have lots of stuff any Christian family would want....

FREE SHIPPING today only at Deseret Book (December 2)

The only catch is that you have to spend $50. But I always spend $50, so it is not much of a catch for me. ha ha

enter the code Free50 and you are set!

Now hurry and finish your Christmas shopping with out leaving your house. That is the way I do it and I know you all want to be just like me.

Monday, December 1, 2008

No autographs, please

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!!!!

I noticed that someone had linked to me from a page I had never heard of.

My blog is mentioned on MormonTimes.com

I am a freaking Mormon celebrity.

okay, she doesn't actually mention me personally but she has a link to my post about the apostle song. I can't even remember where I found that now.

Oh my gosh. Have I mentioned that yet?

SO I can't even think straight now. But I wanted to let you all know that in my perfect organization I have my advent countdown box thingy ready and filled up until Christmas. First year ever! Usually I am scrounging 10 minutes before it is time for one of the kids to open it.

And it is snowing. Can you believe it? It is 37 degrees out though, so it is just muddy on the ground.

So I feel the need to be really witty and useful so these new visitors will like me.

That is really lame to even think!

What I really need to do are get the pictures from William's Eagle Court of Honor on here. And figure out what to get my mother for Christmas. And what to get Lucy for Christmas.

Help, please.

Pictures of other peoples decorations

As you all start posting pictures of your Christmas trees and decorations I have decided to live vicariously through you.

Because I am not a decorator. I would even be unable to play one on TV. I just can't seem to motivate. But I can bake. See, I do have Christmas skills, but they are consumable skills. Anyway, I am starting a new , ummm, thingy here at Dahhhling I love You.


Great idea, right? Cause I won't have pictures of my own decorations. We will have to put up a tree because my parents are coming. Sooo, I need to be sure and have that up by December 23, in the afternoon.

You will be happy to know that I purchased some new lights for the tree because we discovered at Halloween that ALL of ours were dead. If that seems like a weird thing to discover at Halloween, let me explain. I went to Trunk or Treat at Church. AND I decorated my area.

I know, good job Cynthia. I wanted to use our lights to light up the 3 carved Pumpkins that we had. I cut holes in the back and stuffed the lights in since we have a no candle rule in the church building.

Our tree lights were all dead, as I said, so I used the dangly outside lights that we haven't hung up in ten years. They worked fine.

So, without further ado here is a link to my friend Lisagh at Grograin Garage. I can give you a commentary on what you will see at Lisagh's:

Preppy pink and green stuff.
monogrammed stuff
these banana shoe things that she really likes (they go between your toes and seam to cost more that $30, so I am out)
key fobs
naughty kitties
an AWOL sock monkey

I LOVE her blog. I always have fun reading it. I think it is the blogs of people with totally different lives than the ones we live that are the funnest to read, don't you guys think so too? Is that are really ridiculous run-on?

She has a problem that worries me, too. curious kitties.

Will I have an installment of "How Esme destroyed the Christmas Tree?"

Man I hope not. Adrian has been threatening her with a trim of her whiskers whenever she is naughty. He is just trying to tease the girls and me.

I think.

Oh, here is the LINK