Thursday, January 31, 2008

Swampy's Super Hard MeMe ...but we love the ole witch anyway!

Did I just call Swampy an ole witch? I think I hear a cackle over the pounding rain. Is she out riding that broom of hers in this nasty weather?

I have been tagged. Again. By Swampy. I tagged her and she turned right around, changed the rules and tagged me right back.
Well, apparantly Swampy misses the days of smacking poor students knuckles with a ruler and decided to do a collective smack to several of us at once. So here are the rules:
Write a 10, 000 word essay on the effect of Sartre on the existential movement
in Macedonia in the 1980's
.Had you going, didn't I? Here are the real rules, lovingly copied and pasted right off of Swampy's blog.
Here's how the Intelligent MeMe works:
1) Link to the person who tagged you and notify him/her that your MeMe post is up and running.
2) Once you create your Multiple Intelligent MeMe, tag any number of people who won't reach through your computer screen and choke you because you tagged them.
4) Alert them to the fact they have been tagged by any means possible. Smoke signals are an acceptable way to do this. Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand.
5) Threaten them with marshmallow stonings and wet noodle beatings if they don't post the Intelligent MeMe within one week.
5) Post the rules and then do what you darn well please. Works for me.
RULES: (Made to be broken... or at least bent.)
A. List the 8 Multiple Intelligences:
1. Visual-Spatial2. Verbal-Linguistic3. Musical-Rhythmical4. Bodily-Kinesthetic5. Interpersonal6. Intrapersonal7. Naturalistic8. Logical-Mathematical
B. Here's where your creativity will shine through:
Post "something" that corresponds with each of the above. "Something" can be a quote, a picture, a drawing, a story, a song, a book, an anecdote... whatever corresponds with each intelligence.
So these 8 Multiple Intelligences are a creation of Dr. Howard Gardner's wild imagination. We will humor Swampy and pretend that we buy into these alternative learning styles. (-:

So here I go: My rules state that you have to find which category your kids best fit in.

1. Visual-Spatial

Here are my Visual Spacial kids. Molly and Lucy are all about art. Molly says shae wants to be an artist when she grows up. She won two Blue Ribbons at the county fair in kindergarten for her art. Lucy's hobbies all revolving around art. She paints, knits, decorates and re-decorates her room. ANd she scrapbooks. Here are the two of them at Scrapbooking Club.

2. Verbal-Linguistic

Ella, all the way. Here she is reading Agathe Christie's The Body in the Library. And most of you read her Mother's Day poem to me. And then there is the way she talks. and talks. and talks. All stories start with the Creation and end with the Ressurection and every detail in between. Run if you here these words, "Can I tell you about the book I am reading?" Run. Or for fun I like to say, "Yes, Tell me in three sentences." Her head spins and steam comes out her ears!

3. Musical-Rhythmical
This is William. He is so gifted musically. Actually, he is just gifted! And turning 16 in 19 days! And about to finish his Eagle project. Oh, back to music... He can play the trumpet and the French horn and the piano. He sang a solo in our church Christmas program a few years ago in Latin. He is great. Now, let me explain. I said he can play these things. But he won't. I'm a so sad mom! He plays the drums in Rock band. And the Guitar in Guitar Hero. Whoopie. Okay, Rock Band is really fun. I have a thing going with Jon Bon Jovi. We are both wanted Dead or Alive. And we are both from New Jersey.
4. Bodily-Kinesthetic

Rachel is always thinking of some new thing to act out. She initiates the snow dance avery night that there is even the slightest chance it may snow. She also dresses up and performs plays.

5. Interpersonal
I have decided that ALL of the kids need to be here. Since there are 6 of them they need these skills, so we are going to work on strenthening our Interpersonal skills.

But my favorite politition is Mitt Romney. And I also like Ron Paul But they are not in our family, so they don't really get to play here in this game. Cause I changed the rules. HA

6. Intrapersonal

This would be both Lucy and Rachel. They are avid journal keepers. They organize and follow through. I could go on and on, but I am tired!


Hello! This has got to be Molly and her 2 million sea shells. And cats. And rocks. And little fossils from the school playground. And the Geode she had to buy at the Frist Center.

8. Logical-Mathmatical

The obvious person here is my husband. But I have put Harrison here also. Harrison was really more spread out than most of the kids across several of these areas, so I decided to try and find the one where he is most comfortable. Harrison is all about order, repetion and stability. Don't change the plan around Harrison. Trust me, not worth it! He is so reliable and does a wonderful job just as long as order is maintained. If things get chaotic though, he is out of there!

And then there is this guy. Mr Amortize. He has a bachelors in math and nothing makes him happier than an afternoon with a scientific calculator and some graph paper. And some hockey skates?

I cannot bear to tag anyone this time, since I just sent one out. And I have another one to do. (I will get to it this weekend hopefully, Katie)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a package arrived in my mailbox

A package came the other day. I would have posted these pictures sooner, but I was having technology issues.
It was from Carrie. Remember the time I typed her name like way too many times in one post? I am not going to do that today. I am going to reveal to you all a blonde moment I just had. I took a picture of the package to post here. Before I took the pic I carefully took a sharpie and scribbled out Carrie's address. I had the picture here in the post and I was just about to upload everything when I realized that I had left MY address. Hello, just call me dork wad! I do not think it is wise to put my full address here on my blog, do you? So, anyhow, I deleted those pictures and we will just move on like nothing happened...
Carrie sent me this fabulous cookbook because I won a contest on her blog.
But wait, what is this?
A totally nice little note to me. REAL mail is so much more fun than E-Mail! I loved getting this. Thank you Carrie. When I get my tail in gear and use one of these recipes I will let everyone know how it went.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun Monday

The Lurchers are hosting Fun Monday this week. They apparently want to see some more of my unfinished projects since they asked to see my nightstand. This is actually my husbands nightstand. I don't have one on my side of the bed. All I have is my CPAP machine sitting on the floor.

This was bought by my mother before I was born. It was a castoff that I stole when I moved out to get married. We have the mate to it in Harrison's room. This one has been stripped (by my mother). I plan to paint it one day. I should say maybe I will get it painted in the next 50 years!

I will give you a list of the items you are seeing:

1. lamp

2.medicated powder

3. alarm clock

4. Harrison's DVD of an edited version of Braveheart bought from Cleanfilms

5. part of a chain, like the kind you would use to pull a car

6. a coaster

On the floor:

1. January copy of The Family Handyman

2. hand weights

3. 20 Questions electronic game

4. hand lotion

5. Book- Property Management for Dummies

My husband was pretty mortified when I put this picture on. Now you know our dirt. Oh, there is a cassette tape sticking out of the drawer. Jethro Tull. Definitely my husbands. I think the lead singer of Jethro Tull is a creepy woman hater!
Now you can head over to Angela's site and visit the rest of the nightstands!

President Hinckley

We just learned that President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away this evening. I have put a link here for those of you that would like to read more about this amazing and wonderful man.

We will miss his wise counsel and his great sense of humor!

Sunday Summary

*EDIT... I added another item, on Sunday night, and you don't want to miss this one. I put it first....

I am still recovering from Friday's Tag Team. So after taking yesterday off I am ready to start a new tradition here at the old family blog. doo doodoo (that is the sound of horns blowing)

Sunday Summary

I will give you a quick recap of the highlighter of the week before. My extended family is excited right now, thinking I will actually be posting something that will interest them. My blogging friends are thinking, great, a boring list of bragging about her kids. So here it goes:

  • **EDIT**Ella got to come home from school early on Friday. She called me from school to tell me that while they were taking a walking down the hall and the boy behind her threw up all over the back of her!!!! From the middle of her back down to her ankles!! I brought her a change of clothes, but after she changed I brought her home and had her take a shower. It was funny and gross. The teachers were bragging on Ella because she just kept telling B it was okay that he threw up on her. They said she was very mature and handled it very well. Ella would never want to make someone feel uncomfortable, even someone who throws up on her!

  • Harrison played his first tournament game yesterday. They lost in overtime. Again. But the highlight really is that he lost a contact on the way there and had to play with only one good eye. He missed every shot. And most passes. He kept overthrowing everything. He didn't think it was funny. And umm... neither did I. Really.

  • William and Rachel went the Stake Youth Planning Committee meeting yesterday. It should be a fun year for the youth, according to Rachel. She said they were supposed to keep the details a secret. I told her that was from the youth, I was a leader and would be told the details of everything. She wouldn't budge. So I did what any good mom would do, I went to William and got him to tell me the details.

  • After the meeting I took Rachel home and then came back to watch William at the dance. I mean to chaperon the dance. He danced every song with a different girl. I was really impressed. Then I found out that they challenged the members of the planning committee to dance 80% of the songs. William is a good kid. He does what he is asked to do! He also skipped his schools Homecoming game to be at the meeting and dance. I asked him several times if he was sure he wanted to miss it. So I am realizing how grateful I am for a son who picks his church responsibilities over sports! (Yes, the coach probably wouldn't have played him anyway, but he still chose to skip it!)

  • Ella starts a new book report this week. She loves the monthly book report assignments that her wonderful teacher Mrs. Lambert gives them. She is making a pop up report. It has to be over a folk tale or a fable. She chose The Tortoise and The Hare. She finished and turned in her poetry report last week. She had to memorize a poem and decided to memorize one that she wrote herself. She wrote it in a card for me a few years ago. Here it is:

Dear Mother

Dear Mother, Dear Mother
Stop churning butter
Now go take a rest
We'll all be our best
You'll have cookies and pies
We won't tell any more lies
I know you don't like the dogs
At least they're not hogs
We won't break any more lamps with the ball
It was worth it after all

By Ella

  • William and I went to a baptism yesterday. A very sweet 18 year old boy was baptised. He went to the dance last night and it was fun to see him have so much fun. There are a lot of good kids out there, but the bad ones give all teenagers a bad name!

  • The girls and I went to scrap booking club Friday night. Don't think that means that I actually own a scrapbook, cause I don't. I go and talk to Michelle and Lucy scrapbooks. Rachel takes care of any babies that are toddling around and Ella and Molly visit or make crafty things with all the Stampin' Up and Creative Memories stuff that is laying around. This week I actually brought a blanket so I could continue the nap I had been taking at home but we didn't have a key to the family history library, so we met in the Young Women's room and there is no couch in there. I was so sad. I just sat on a hard chair wrapped in a blanket. I took some pics, too. I am scared to try and download pics after last weeks fiasco.

Friday, January 25, 2008

memes are in the air

Yesterday I was tagged by 2 different people. I was wanting to feel spring in the air, but instead I feel memes in the air. Hey, wait a minute, did someone stick a tag me sign on my back?????

Linda said she would like me to share with you six inconsequential habits, quirks, or things about me that you wouldn't otherwise know. Here are the rules. I will probably break them. I may not even realize I have broken them. I just get a little distracted sometimes.

Link to the person that tagged you
Post the rules on your blog
Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website

1.My fingernails curl upward. They have never really been longer than the end of my fingers because they are bizarre and disgusting. Don't even ask me about my toenails. They are the fodder of many jokes at our house. Yes, my family makes fun of me!
2. I still get nervous that there is something under my bed. I am not at all scared to be alone, in fact I love it but rarely get to enjoy it. But the bed just gives me the willies. I won't stand right next to it at night if I am alone. Sometimes I even do a bit of a jump from a few feet away.
3. I think root beer is the most disgusting thing on the planet. even when the kids eat root beer candy the smell makes me gag. But I love caffeine free Dr. Pepper.
4. We had to disconnect the little safety latch on the lid to our washer over ten years ago because it malfunctioned. I now have the opportunity to stand and watch the laundry swish around. And I really like to just stand there and watch it. How excited would I be to have a front loader? Very, cause I could be across the room and see the laundry swishing!
5.I like the grey hairs that I am getting and have no plans to color my hair.
6. I am going to go and make myself a bowl of Cream of Wheat in a minute. I love Cream of Wheat!

I tag:
1. Gretchen
2. Heather
3. Michelle
4. Haley
5. Ben and Mandy
6. Chrys

Whew**wipes sweat from brow*** That was hard. Gulp. Now I have another one!

Allie Bear at FridayNightAmbulance tagged me for this one.

Here are the rules:-Link to the person who tagged you.-Leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.-Post the rules on your blog.-Share the seven (7) most famous or infamous people you have met. Or go with the original 7 weird things about yourself.-Tag 7 random people at the end of your post.-Include links to their blogs.-Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Umm... these seem slightly similar, but I will do my best.

1. When I was in high school I was in a Benetton commercial. I don't even know if Benetton is still around. In the days before Starbucks leased every corner property in NYC there used to be a Benetton on every corner.
2. I can peel a shrimp in my mouth.
3. I have had a baby elephant run up to me in the wild and stick his trunk down my shirt. They are friendly little buggers!
4. I have walked on the Great Wall of China.
5. I have landed in an International airport that had chickens running through it. And the windows were busted out. They have since built a new airport in Kathmandu, but I am just giving you a heads up.
6. Also want to let you know that the strip search at the airport in Kathmandu is a scam. You DO NOT have to consent to it.
7. I have ridden an elephant. Not at the zoo. We actually rode them for several hours over several days. It is not all it is cracked up to be. But I liked them better than the camels!

I tag:
1. Nekked Lizzards
2. RDH Mom
3. April Showers
4. Swampy (I know you won't follow the rules!)
5. Country Doctors Wife
6. I'm So Funny
7. Wan Family Adventures

My tags have a theme. The first six are people that I actually, physically know. The next 7 are blogging friends.

I am exhausted. And I still have my Friday Feast to do. That may have to wait until tonight!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

******edit***** I forgot to put a link back to our hostess, Julie at AnotherChanceRanch. (say that fast 5 times!) After reading mine you can go and see what everyone else is thankful for!

I wasn't going to jump on this theme, this week. But when I came home from church last night I discovered the most remarkable thing.

The dinner dishes were done. The food was put away. The table was clear.

The teenagers were with me at church. Just my husband and the little girls were home. It wasn't the little girls, they do not have dishwasher loading skills. (they have great unloading skills, though!)

Who could it be? I could here my husband talking down the hall. I rushed down there.

"Did you do it?"

Nervous look. "What?"

My son rushed into the kitchen since I had just come from there. "What did Dad do?"

"The dishes. Did you do the dishes?"

Big smile, "YES!"


A little back round here. Do not think for one minute that my husband does not contribute to our care. He does. But we have a very happy agreement. He works for an income and I work in the house. I am very happy with this agreement. I do not want to go to work outside the house. My husband is also a guy that is always working. He works from an office in our house as a real estate appraiser. He also buys and rehabs houses to sell and rent. He doesn't sit down and watch TV, we don't even have broadcast TV. He will joke that he has caught an INNING or two of FOOTBALL. (i.e. he does not follow any kind of sport, other than our kids, and he never misses one of their games) He just isn't a guy who cleans the kitchen. I would have expected him to either play with the girls or work while I was gone.

Instead he did something for me! I know he had stuff he could have worked on. Most mornings he gets up with William and me at 5:40 and goes straight into the office and starts working. while I get William's breakfast and take him to early morning seminary (classes for high school age students at our church.)

I am so thankful for an awesome husband!!! Oh, I don't want to forget to mention that on Monday night he brought pudding and caffeine free Dr. Pepper home for me as a special treat. He knows me so well.

Here he is with Ella and Molly hanging on him in the pool on Christmas. And, no, I did not get in the pool. I think water is kind of yucky!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I can't be completely silent. I am rarely speechless! I have to tell you that this is the Guinness World record holder for biggest lasso. He does this usually while standing on a moving horse. Yes, he has some major skills!! He is also our neighbor, so we have occasionally enlisted his skills to help us with a wayward calf. Since all there seems to be on the Internet lately are horses and cowboys, I thought I would share mine. I wish he had a bright colored rope so you could see it better!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last night Ella had an awesome game. So awesome that I have put a couple of clips on here of her. I know you will be as happy to see my child score these baskets as I am. Because we are that kind of friend. You and I .

Ella is number 5 on the yellow team. She rocks! She kept watching this video last night when we got home. Look mom, do you see where I just walk around her and steal the ball? Look mom, do you see how I drive it up and score? Look mom, Look mom... you get the idea.

Tonight is a different story. Tonight they lost in OT 13 to 14. It was heartbreaking. I don't think that even these coping skills will help!(even if I teach her to do them behind the ref's back) It is so hard to see a group of nine year old girls bawling like they were. I wish I could have made this game be like the others. Everyone has to lose sometime...

For those of you wondering, no improvement with the camera. But tomorrow is a new day!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Speechless...and that is saying something!

I have been given my first Award! Allison at RDHMOM has given me this EXCELLENT award. I am so stoked. Listen to what she said about me:
Cynthia for always having an sweet
comment for me. I love visiting her site, her adventures with her children are
to live through vicariously. She is an awesome mom!

It is really a bit silly how many times I have read this today, but I am so glad it came since I am having such a hard time with the Technology gods the last few days. This really has made my day. Thank you so much Allison!!!!!
In proper blog form, I will pass this along. I once told Pamela at the dust can wait that if I had an award I would give it to her because she helped me with several little technology issues. So now I have one, and I plan on giving it to you!
I also want to give it to Carrie because I actually won her contest. It was such an awesome moment. It was some of my funnest moments blogging.

Very NOT Fun Monday


OOOOPS. I was so caught up in my own problems that I forgot the rest of you. and I forgot to tell the assignment! Here it is:
It all started with "Your View". I wanted to see what you see when you look out your front door. (I'll link back to that post later.) So for this Anniversary Fun Monday lets do it again!
Here's the assignment. For those of you who did NOT post a picture of your view from your front door, then your assignment is to post a view from your front door. To do this you stand in your doorway looking outside and take a picture. That simple. We (I) want to see what you see when you look out your front door.
For those of you who DID post your view, link back to that post you posted a year ago, and then re-list your very first post ever. We want to see how far you've come baby! Also, if you can, post the comments you received on that post.
Head over HERE to see everyone elses great posts!

Okay, first Blurb is kicking me around. Now my camera has joined in. I have pictures to post. My camera just keeps saying that it is "busy" when my computer asks to download.

The technology gods are obviously punishing me.

So I am a fun Mondayer without my assignment. This feels like 6th grade math. I think that I didn't have my assignment a lot in there, also. Please don't give me an F! I am going to offer up some other pictures that are already on my computer. I can't believe I am blowing it on the one year anniversary!

So here is a question. Why is this family wearing crowns?(Yes, it is my family) I know a lot of you will find it very obvious, but it will stump some of you. Here is a clue. I am a Honky. And that doesn't mean I am white! Even though I am. It is a geographical reference. That clue references a post I did in the last week.

I wish I had a picture out my front door.

And here is a pic I took of my 6, my SIL's 4 and my in-laws. And Molly and Julie (the American Girl Dolls) They are a good looking bunch, aren't they?There is no good reason for me to add this pic, I just hadn't put it on yet. Sorry!

Here, I stole a list of of the nekked lizards . I tried to copy and paste off of Vickie's but typepad wouldn't let me. (have I mentioned the technology gods?)

So go forth and visit these wonderful people!
Give It A Try
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lost in the Bible belt

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I decided that I would slurp my blog today and start working on formatting my great American novel, erm, I mean my blog in book form.

Blurb spit me out. They said:

Bummer. Booksmart can't slurp from the" old" blogger, please upgrade your account.

I have " new" blogger. I looked around and searched, etc. I can't find anything to change. Please someone out there tell me that you had this problem and it was easy to fix.

I am so bummed. Now I have to take a nap instead of working on family history, I mean, my blog.

Booksmart and I are both bummed.

13 reasons I am glad that I can blog

I have several random things to share today.

1. It is cold outside.
2. I want everyone to go and read this story. It is a hoot. Who say that?
3. Today when we left church at 1:00 it was 23 degrees. 23 DEGREES!!
4. We took Lucy and Rachel on a date last night and had so much fun. It was Adrian's idea. Thank you for such a great date!
5. It is colder than a freakin' deep freeze.
6. I still have Christmas decorations to put away. This is why I am a Grinch about Christmas.
7. I can't feel my fingers or toes because it is so stinking cold!! For crying out loud. I live in the south. I have a heat pump. They aren't really heat pumps, they are warmish pumps.
8. Harrison's team won their game yesterday!! Yes I said WON. And Harrison scored 7 points. One time he had this awesome fast break and he drove it down and bam boom swish baby.
9. Have I mentioned the cold? And listen it gets worse. Normally the snow passes our house to the north, yesterday it snowed south of us. UNFAIR!
10. I looked at fabric for the sassy apron swap yesterday. Why did I decide to do this? I am so bad at decision making! I didn't get any.
11. You know... it's cold!
12. My career as a sports photographer is not going so hot. I got some great shots of Harrison yesterday but the only way I could get then to be not blurry was to use the tv setting on the camera and then setting the shutter speed around 600. Of coarse it looks like they are playing in a cave. So maybe I will be able to use the photo editing software that I have on the computer (but can't find again) to lighten them. Or maybe I will try out picassa or flickr. Any ideas?
13. You will be grateful to know that I am not going to mention the weather again. Number 13 has to do with my slightly insane father deciding that what the 6 Hale children and their slightly deranged parents need is a vacation to Disney World. I told my children that we would never take them there, so to not ask. And they haven't. Well, surprise kiddoes, you are going to Disney, as the athletes are fond of saying.

Better thank Grandpa. Often. and with great feeling. Cause guys, this is taking a serious pile of moola!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

fave new blogs

I have found 2 blogs that I love. They remind me of the "old neighborhood".

I will probably freak these people out by posting about them, but they are doing everything that I did when I moved to Hong Kong.

Click here and then click here to visit them!
EDIT: I fixed teh second link up there. Sorry.

Happy birthday

Today is Gretchen's Birthday. As you can see, she really likes presents. She is rather rude about it, actually. Can you be believe she is giving me the big kiss off just because she has a present and I don't. I guess I will forgive her since she is getting old and grey. Just for fun I thought I would post this pic of Gretchen. I wanted something clever to say about it, but I just couldn't think of anything nice and clever. Mean and clever I can do, but since it is her birthday...
So head on over to Gretchen's blog and wish her happy birthday. If all of my readers would go over there and leave her a comment with a birthday wish, it would really be freaky, so go and do it cause I like freaky!

Oh, I forgot to tell you...She is 34 today!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

SSSHHHHH!! Tomorrow is someone's birthday. We are going to surprise her. Don't tell!

Apron Making Fool!


How cool is this. I just signed up for an Apron Swap! Just head on over to this lovely site. A girl named Lucy will be our swapping host. She must be great with such a great name, don't you agree?

Here are teh details, copied and pasted from her site:

After a year of blogging free apron tutorials, I am now ready to move onto new aproning activities in 2008. This year I would like to host 4 seasonal apron swaps. So I am now soliciting apron makers and wearers from around to globe to participate in these swaps.

Here's what I propose for the swaps... I am breaking the swaps up into 4 swaps.The first swap will occur from January to March, the second from April to June, the third from July to September, and the last from October to December.Since the first swap ends in March, I am proposing a spring swap.You will create an adult sized apron with springtime theme. That can incorporate the color, the design, whatever. It just needs to speak SPRING, use your imagination.You can design your own or use a loved pattern. If you cannot sew but want to participate you may purchase an apron but it MUST be a Hand-Made apron. If sewing your apron, please pre-wash all your fabrics before making your apron. This will ensure that there is no bleeding or shrinking of fabrics when the new owner launders it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fridays Feast 2

January 18th, 2008
Appetizer:What is your favorite beverage?


Soup: Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.

I don't have a computer desk.
Salad: On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?


Main Course: If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?

Hong Kong translates to mean Fragrant Harbour. Okay people, if you have ever been to HK you know it is fragrant. But in the" I think I am about to toss my cookies" kind of fragrant. I would rename it Stinky Harbour. Filled with trash and sewage. There was a tv show on once and they stepped of a plane in HK and the woman goes, "What is that smell?" ( I told you it is stinky!) The man replied, "That is the smell of money!"

What ever!

Dessert: What stresses you out? What calms you down?

Deadlines stress me out because I procrastinate. and blog. FOOD calms me down. I love to eat! So the answer to dessert is:DESSERT!!!


Road to Eagle

Come on into the woods with me.

Right here, there looks like there might be an old path. Where will it lead? Where are we?The woods here look pretty nice. We are in Tennessee. This area is called Rebel Hill. Yup, it has to do with the Civil War.Eek. It is getting a little dark in these woods. We aren't going to run into any Rebs in here, are we? (While the majority of my family may align themselves with the South I am, and always will be, a YANKEE through and through!)There seems to be something down here. Does anyone know what it is?Look, Harrison is down here.Now he is joined by Molly, Lucy, William, and Ella.Do you know what this is?

Can you see it? At the bottom of the picture? We have had a drought this year, so it is a little harder to see than it normally would be. If you were a hot, hungry, tired and scared Rebel soldier, this would have looked pretty good to you. It is a spring. The Rebel Army stopped here and rested on their way to Murfreesboro, I believe. I am going to have to have William give me all the low down and history. This is his Eagle project!
He is building steps and erecting a sign to the Rebel Hill Spring. It sits in some woods behind the middle school here in our little county. When he is done he is going to put on a re-enactment for the 7th graders at the middle school. Which means he gets to do it for his brother. Should be interesting. We will have a lot more posts and pictures as the project progresses. We are very proud of William and all of the work he is putting into this. He would probably like me to mention that when he completes his project we are going to let him get his drivers license! Do you think he will finish by February 19? He has only been ready to do a project for about 3 years now! Nothing like procrastinating until the last minute!