Wednesday, July 15, 2009

an evening at the "Joe"

Am I too late to post about our 4th of July activities? No? Great. So here goes...

We have ended up with a tradition of going to a Charleston River Dog game around the 4th. The fireworks game. This year it was actually on July 3rd. For the past few years we have lamented that we can't seem to get off the beach and to the "Joe" until right when the game is going to start. This year we were there when they opened the gates. Ella went straight to guest services and asked to sign up for the Hula Hoop contest. Every year she wants to participate and we get there too late. Adrian even called the ballpark this year so we would know when the gates open.

She asked to sign up and they looked at her a little funny and said, "We don't have a Hula Hoop contest."

Epic Fail, as the teenagers say.

We were all bummed. So I asked what contest/competitions they were having.

"The only thing we have left open is the pie eating contest." she replied.

Pie eating contest? Now William is our pie maker and eater, but Rachel is our competitive pie eater, so I signed her up.

and here is the video of the results:

Harrison and Lucy looking thrilled

Always happy Ella


Grandpa and Harrison

Linda, Grif, and Lane

To the victor goes the spoils (in this case an apple pie from Harris Teeter)

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