Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fifteen candles (times two!!)

Lucy and Rachel turned fifteen yesterday.

But of course the party started over the weekend. Friday night several out of town guests arrived. At about 11:00 we loaded into the car to go to the Twilight midnight release.

Saturday morning more friends arrived and the movie was watched.

And they sighed, and shrieked and swooned.




and those other Cullen guys. Okay, I didn't watch. I have seen it once. (on opening night) I am all Twilighted out just from that one viewing. I also have tried to read it. UGH. Sorry, I know I am the only woman on the planet not in love with creepy Edward. But he is CREEPY!

Anyway, they watched. {{Still in their jammies.}}

Then they started preening. And curling. And trying on different outfits. Oh, yeah! It was a Bi-Stake Dance!!! (For those not in the know that means that our stake invited another stake to the dance, so we had Twice the boys, umm, kids)
Alexander, William, Harrison, Bryce. (no, Harrison did not go to the dance, he will be 14 in Sept. and then he can start going)

Here are Duck, Lucy, Victoria, Dreah, Meleah, and Meredith.

This is Meleah, Rachel, and Meredith

Fast forward to Wednesday night. The REAL birthday.

Candles for Lucy

Candles for Rachel

cupcakes for everyone




gretchen said...

Happy Birthday my sweet little twinners! I love you both! Hope 15 is the best year yet!

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday!!! :) I already wished them happy birthday but still.. and i can't believe "the you might like these stories" link... the one about me and Rachel putting glue on our faces! We should have deleted those pictures!!! haha

Laura McIntyre said...

Happy birthday to your girls , gosh 15 how does that feel ? Im terrified having an almost 4 year old.

And Edward i do not like ,found him stalker like and obsessive .

Mother Goose said...

i wished them happy b'day on fb! so at least I was on time there.