Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is time for some more Scout campout pictures

This month they decided to camp in a cave. Why did they decide to do such a totally odd thing? I have no idea. I once camped in a cave when I was a Scout. It was in Wisconsin. There were several other Scout groups there. Boy and Girl Scouts.

I cannot imagine an outing like that now. They had us separated somehow, I can't remember how. It is crazy.

So the boys played in the mud. And crawled through tiny cracks in rocks.


It is madness I tell you.


Here, let me show you.

First, Harrison. muddy. wet. tired. dirty.

Now, some cracks. Who was the first dodo brain to say, "Hey guys, lets see if we can fit through this tiny crack without dying!"

Here, William says follow me down here. It is muddy, slippery and dangerous. It will be great fun.

Time to cook dinner. How about a round of Spaghettios for everyone?

Excellent, some more scary skinny cracks...

Here is a confusing one.... hibernating bats with what on them? Frost? Condensation?

The morning after. Bryce, William,and Jaime.

I included this picture to show you the mouth of the cave while standing right inside. You can see the falls behind . If you saw the movie the Jungle Book these are the falls that the wolf den was in. Or behind. I don't really remember.

It was another successful, muddy, tiring, cam pout.


JanMary said...

I am sure the memories of these adventures will live with them for many years to come.

(Although personally - my worst nightmare!)

haley said...

Was that the Lost Creek Cave trip? All those pictures of the boys going through the skinny cracks reminds me of my last trip there. When I had to crawl on my stomach for a long time through one of those skinny cracks. I developed claustrophobia during that...and come to think of it, I have never been in a cave again.

Cheryl said...

Hi Cynthia...your blog is so much fun and what a wonderful family you have!! I am your swap partner for Christmas in July and I look forward to visiting you often and learning more and more about you!!

Laura McIntyre said...

That looks like great fun, ok maybe not for me but for them. A great story to tell anyways....

Mother Goose said...

why didn't you come get me to tell me I was missing all this goodness