Sunday, August 17, 2008

UNgainfully employed

Are you waiting to see the pictures from the beach?

And from when the Japanese Exchange student stayed with us.

And when Lucy spent a week at band camp. Without Me Chaperoning. (shudder)

How about some better EFY pictures.

Or Scout Camp.

They are still on my camera.

Maybe in September I will motivate and get them onto here.

But I can tell you what I have been up to. There are no pictures to illustrate MY life, so I can just talk. Are you sitting down? Of course you are.

I am ungainfully employed!!!!!

Yes, I have been hired as a volunteer at the local library. I love love love it. I check books out and check books in and shelve books and read shelves and cover books and take Inter Library Loan requests and inventory and sometimes I help with Story Time, but there are little kids back in children's, so I try to steer clear of that room.

It is heaven. One day a sweet little girl said, "Do you have a book called Pride and Prejudice?"

What? Yes dear, we have 3 copies and I have lovingly fondled all of them, let me show you where to find them. Would you like paperback or hardcover?

And then recently I had a woman tell me several times how she could NOT figure out how I was finding books so quickly.

Fiction is in alphabetical order, as most of you probably would have guessed. It is not really rocket science, but she was really in awe that I could just walk right up to Jeannette Oke and Deborah Macomber.

I have mad library skills.

Soon I will have to share some stories about the public access computers.


Kim said...

so are you the reason behind my super giant library fine disappearing? somehow i had late--really late-- library books turned in via drop-off box and i avoided the library for months. not because of the fine--i'm happy to support my local library. but because of that look that the almost always nice librarians give me when i have late books. but when i finally went back and faced them and their computer that was supposed to flash a big giant late fee sign, they smiled and said i had no fine and sweetly checked out my books. ok, that was long. sorry.

gretchen said...

That sounds so just like something you would love. While i would love being on the children's floor reading Brown Bear for the upteen time- or in the self help section!!!
Sounds like fun. Glad you are loving it!!!

kelly bee said...

mmm... P & P... I think I have 4 copies in the house. And for some reason I still have to fondle them at the bookstore every time I go. Is there a 12 step program for us?

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh, I soooo envy this job! WOW! I think this is the most jealous I have ever been in the blogging world.

Congrats on the dream job....are you a PAID volunteer?