Monday, March 24, 2008

Orlando part 2

Now that I am not suffering from motion sickness and sunburn any longer I am going to give you some tips to have fun in ORLANDO. We had lots of fun. The kids had more fun than me, but they like to spin and get wet and have dinosaurs spit on them and drop down 75 foot water falls in a log boat.


Just go to Universal. As in skip Disney. I know, sounds like blasphemy, right? But listen, if you are looking for thrills (and who isn't?) Universal has better thrills, less people, and faster lines.


Don't go around a holiday. Take the kids out of school if need be. Also, if you are at all adverse to the idea of heat, humidity and sunburn(yes, I am lily white and burn very easily) avoid summer.


Only take kids that are old enough to walk and ride for 10 to 12 hours a day. You are paying any where from $60-$100 bucks a day per person for tickets. I would not waste that on a 4 year old. I would not put the rest of the families day in jeopardy by dragging a pre-schooler along.


Drive your car to the park. It may be $11 to park, but it will save you money and be much easier cause in the car I would put:

  • complete change of clothes for EVERYBODY
  • Cooler stocked with food
  • sunscreen
  • towels
  • did I mention clothes?


Here is what you should carry into the park


Let me explain. You don't have small children with you, right? so no diapers or that sort of garbage is needed. Wear pants with good pockets and in them stick a cell phone, your park pass and some money. And you are done. Free yourselves people! Oh, and don't buy any junk. My kids did a little shopping. They had to carry it. Or the girls put it in their pocket since they bought charms for their charm bracelets. Now in the interest of full disclosure my mother did carry a duffel bag, er, I mean, a purse in with her. And she did offer to carry stuff for the kids. I tried very hard to STOP this, but kids are sneaky around grandparents. And my mother did complain many times about how heavy her purse was.


Wear crocs. They will dry right away and not give you blisters. Do not wear socks if you plan on riding water rides! Actually I would personally suggest never riding water rides because, Yuck, it gets you wet. And the Jaws ride gets you wet if you are in the second row on the far side. Let others load first and you will hopefully not get wet. Our kids did not get wet. Adrian and I did. It was gross.


Use the single rider line on every ride that has one. It moves way faster and half the time you end up on the same car as several of your family members anyway.

Well, that is all I have time for right now. Remember to arrive early, stay all day and have fun.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Love the tips....all of them sound right on to what we try to do when we go to our local amusement park Dollywood....even better advice at a bigger park I am sure.

IamwhoIam said...

Sounds as if your having fun.

Chrys said...

HAIL HAIL to the Hales! Thank you Cynthia! I totally agree with every word said. Except you know me!! I have to bring a camera. I think I would bring those throw away cameras that you can take underwater with you.

I love the amusement park less than 3 miles from our home. YOu and the family should come stay with us and go. It was owned by paramount until two or 3 years ago. It is so fun! Well, accomodations are not like your mom's so you may feel more comfortable in a hotel. But there is one right across from the amusement park. Look it up. Carowinds! The best part for us is we go out early in the morning to mid afternoon do the rides or the water park area, head home for a little food and R/R and then we go out and hit the other half of the park at night!! I love the funnel cakes! Great TIPS!

gretchen said...

we went in Nov. It was hot around 95 degrees. IT was before the kids started school blake was turning 5. There were huge long lines and school was going on.
I agree with all the tips too. And I loved the parks at night. I loved animal kingdom the best for some reason and i don't even like animals that much! I guess I just thought it was neat. Now you need a spring break that your back at home!

Anonymous said...

My comments:

Tip #1 - WHAT??? I surely didn't read those words. And besides, there is a REASON there are fewer people at Universal. ;-)

Tip #2 - Totally agree here!

Tip #3 - There are less expensive tickets and less expensive ways to purchase tickets. 10-day no expiration park hoppers are less thatn $60/day. But, I would pay $100/day for Disney. For a preschooler even.

Tip #4 - Driving to the parks is the best, even with the Magical Express service option. There's nothing like hopping into your own car at the end of the day.

Tip #5 - I couldn't go into a park empty-handed. That is why God made me some pretty backpacks to choose from.

Tip #6 - Crocs are gooooood!!!

Tip #7 - Single rider is a good option!

And lastly, taking a break in the middle of the day can sometimes be part of the fun. Makes the evening more fun and bearable.

For any others planning a Walt Disney World vacation (or even a Universal Studios one) check out: