Saturday, March 22, 2008

mickey mouse kicked me in the bootie

I planned on blogging each night of our trip to Orlando. I know you are all desperate to hear every detail of the Hale family spring break fun. It took us about 10 1/2 hours to get there. It was 640 miles. The trip was uneventful, unlike this one. Harrison threw up once. Only one person throwing up is uneventful on one of our road trips.

Day 1 was at the Magic Kingdom.

While I didn't actually see you there, you must have been there, right? Every human being on this blessed green planet must have been there!

The masses of humanity were stifling. Overwhelming. Exhausting. Hence my lack of posting. I was SOOO tired by the time I crawled, er, road the (worst) shuttle bus back to the hotel that I wanted to cry. I think maybe I did cry. I know I took Tylenol pm. I would like to tell you how much fun we had. Riding rides and meeting beloved Disney characters. But I can't. See, I get a wee bit of motion sickness so I decided that I was going to ride Space Mountain first thing when we got there and then spend of the rest of the day recovering. Well, I did ride it first thing. When the line was only 20 minutes. I rode it. SO did my husband and all 6 of my children. And my father.


I'm not kidding. I was never able to force my eyes open during the whole ride. I must have ridden Space Mountain 50 times as a kid growing up and visiting Disneyland. I have become the worlds biggest wimp. I spent the rest of the day quietly congratulating myself that I didn't pee my pants while being SCARED TO DEATH.

My 7 year old couldn't stop grinning as we got off. She thought it was great. She proceeded to ride EVERY ride that she was tall enough to ride at The Magic Kingdom, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and The Animal Kingdom. Yeti? what Yeti? She isn't scared of no stinking Yeti.

But her mother is. I rode the Jungle Boat ride. It felt like we were going to capsize. Yes, I was nervous!

Day 2 Islands of Adventure:

Then the next day I was thrown for a loop on The Cat in The Hat ride. And then my husband dragged me on the Dr. Seuss train thing. It is like 5 stories up. I know it is for little kids. I was mortified. I had to keep my eyes CLOSED the whole time.

And then I made a big mistake. After waiting for the kids to ride every uber scary coaster in the park I am really wanting to sit someplace cool. Cause I am hot. And sunburned. I say "Let's ride Spiderman. It is a virtual reality ride," I think, sit still, close eyes and I don't see anything and can just enjoy the air conditioning.

Has anyone ridden this mortifying, out of control death trap?

First, Spiderman jumps on my head. I scream like the little girl I am. Molly laughs. Like the little girl she is! Then we spin. and spin. And get blow torched. And spin some more. and then I want to throw up. and then it rains on us. and then they throw in some pout of control spiraling. and then I want to throw up and die. Yes, I kept my eyes closed most of the time.

I never recovered from Spiderman. I am not sure I have recovered yet and I rode it Wednesday afternoon.

And then Jaws spit a tidal wave of water on me and I was soaked the rest of the evening. But I will have to tell you about that later.

I do have lots of wonderful things to tell you about the trip. I will be visiting this subject a lot. But you won't see many pics cause I forgot my camera. It wouldn't really have mattered if I had brought it cause I wouldn't have carried it into the parks anyway. But I promise to tell you all more, later.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Wow, you have a lot of recapping to do...appreciated what you have told us about so far...

Your Space Mountain experience reminded me of one I had years ago in California's version..thought you may enjoy it. You are not the only one to think you were going to die!

Career Guy said...

Hi Cynthia, I'm new to your blog. I'm Ann's dad.
Sounds like if you had brought your camera, you wouldn't have opened your eyes long enough to shoot anything. The idea of such rides appeals to me more than the reality.

lucy said...

YOU ARE SUCH A WIMP!!! ok space moutain was not at all scary!

spirderman? we didn't go up at all!!! for all of u who r reading this, spiderman is not what she says. it was lots of fun and we didn't spin barley any. i think we spun twice for about 5 secs. apiece.

mom, you should have rode the hulk, splash moutain, mt. everast, or dueling dragons if you thought spiderman and space moutain were "scary".

Cynthia said...

My children have no respect for me. Thanks a lot Lucy....

gretchen said...

Hey I am so glad you had fun! IT sounds like crazy fun! I remember when we went when B was five...we were so tired by day 3 we saved our tickets that never expire. We still have them...saving them for this fall break or next year spring break depending on when the envelope is full enough!
I would have loved to see you one the rides. I bet A was laughing so hard! LOVE IT>
Glad all is safe and sound back at home!

Alison said...

sounds like it was a very eventful trip!!! You made me laugh with the spiderman ride!!

Chrys said...

Oh my gosh, cynthia! You had so much fun even if you did get a little sick. I find I am this way as well. I used to be the face of death, give me any ride I can take it. Now, I too, get a bit queasy. Maybe, after birthing those kiddos of mine they took out the fear factor that I had. Now, I worry. WE went went our youngest was 3 or 4. I can't say it was as much fun for us all. Our age group is so wide spread. I would like to go again when Aden is taller and we could ride more rides together as a family. We definitely will not be going during the breaks or summer! I absolutely positively CAN NOT stand LINES!!! Feb. is a great month to go.