Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunday Summary

Yes, the Sunday Summary is back!
1. William spent 2 days going around town trying to find a job. No luck yet. He was slightly disappointed when his first choice (the library) wasn't hiring. Then on to the two bookstores, 3 grocery stores (including, gulp, Walmart), dollar stores, hardware stores, ice cream store, comic book store, garden center, etc. Do you see what is missing from the list? Yes William, next week you will have to start applying at fast food!
2. Temple trip with the youth this morning, including my youth.
3. Lucy joined the Jazz Band at school.
4. They increased tuition at William's school almost $600 for next year. Yippee, just when Rachel decided to go there next year also.
5. Pioneer Woman has changed her site. Sorry, but I don't like it. It doesn't feel like a blog anymore. It's like all big time!
6. I read everyone on my blog roll this week!
7. I taught English lessons. I have been a slacker about this lately.
8. I have completely recovered from our Florida trip.
9. The school board announced next years school calendar and they have finally given us a Fall Break.
10. Okay, here is the big one...I talked to a friend that works at our local bank and asked him if he thought they might hire me. And the scary part is that he said they had been discussing hiring someone. YIKES!!! We will see where this goes...


Career Guy said...

Good luck on your job search, and Williams', too. Out here, employers tell us they can't find people, so I hope your situation is the same.

gretchen said...

A Job! A bank job! sounds like fun.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

#6 - Congrats on reading everyone. I have such a hard time keeping up!
#10 - I wish you luck, but don't let a job in the way of your blogging. Let's keep things in perspective. :)

april said...

I don't know if William likes animals, but he might check out the local veterinarians. They hire kennel help in the summers and usually pay well. He'll learn a lot about caring for animals.