Friday, March 14, 2008

Where art thou, Cynthia?

Have I fallen off the face of the earth?

Am I stuck in an elevator? (Oh my heck, I shudder even typing that idea!)

Am I protesting Blog 365? Err... How about Blog 265?

No. It all started when I was having some problems getting my pics to load onto blogger. Then I discovered something that I hadn't noticed in a while.






I discovered that even thou my children are big and basically self sufficient, my 46 year old house is still in the toddler stage. It is quite shocking, I know! So I have had to clean up all of my houses toddler messes.

urine splatters on bathroom wall(?)
general untidiness

And guess what? I have less of a desire to find a new house. This one is pretty nice. When I clean it. And guess what else? I found time to completely clean out the pantry, move the old microwave cart/unused craft junk out and buy, put together(by myself), and then fill up new shelves. I moved all the board games out of the top of Lucy's closet and into plain sight. So now we can easily play them. I also rearranged the living room furniture. And SCRUBBED the bathroom edges. You know where I mean? It is all shiny white again. Like when it was new. I don't think it has been shiny white since it was installed. I really need to do this more than once every 3 years!

So in conclusion I just want to let you know that I have missed you all, but I am so freakin' happy in my clean house that I plan on cleaning more. and more. and more.

Please send help...


ChrisB said...

You are making me feel guilty as I need to put my house in order and do some serious cleaning instead of flicking over the surface, but I keep putting it off in favour of blogging!!

JanMary said...

Must be something in the air - I cleaned my skirting board this morning - can't tell you how long since I did that - REALLY, I can't tell you!

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Would you like to come and start on mine now!?

Chrys said...

it must be a bug! I had the clean super clean bug too! I feel like everything is in order and I have more energy! Glad you are back.

Nekked Lizard Man said...

It is not officially spring yet, why the worry? I kept putting off vacuuming my truck - and I soon found a small (progressively larger) gravel pile. And one day I got my oil changed at a Jiffy Lube - they vaccummed! Moral of the story - get some else to do it. NLM

Alice Wills Gold said...

A woman gets an apron and look at the places where that takes her!

WOW! I am proud of you for shunning blogging fun to take care of your ever important household duties.

I don't know if you've motivated me...I am still waiting for a new house...whenever I clean this one, it still looks grimy and old! Maybe I just need a new apron?