Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barrel Full o' Monkeys

At the library I meet lots of different people. There is one fellow that comes in that I really like. He is a tattoo artist.

Yup. He is covered in tattoos. Yet he somehow does not have a creepy factor.

Go figure.

So he came in last week, looked something up on the Internet and then printed off 2 pages.

They were pictures of a barrel full o' monkeys and a close-up of a monkey. The plastic toy kind. Remember them from when you were a kid? But here is the kicker. He said he was printing them off because someone wanted a barrel full 'o monkeys tattoo.

And the tattoo artist guy thought it was a stupid tattoo.

He is covered with seemingly stupid tattoos, but thinks the barrel full o' monkeys is stupid.

That cracked me up.

Now, I am NOT a tattoo advocate but it seemed ironic to me that a man covered with tattoo would judge anothers tattoo. It may have been very sentimental or appropriate to the monkey person.

On the other hand how stupid would you think your tattoo was if the tattoo guy was making fun of it?


Accidental housewife said...

Wait they want a barrel full of monkeys or the chain of monkeys going to the barrel? I mean because one would be so much more stupid than the other, I'm just not sure which it would be.

I am not a tattoo person. I just could never see me getting a tattoo. Let's say you fall in love with Bob and you get his name tattooed across your breast just a small tattoo. Then as you age and your breast sag you no longer have a tattoo of Bob now you have BOOB.

Cynthia said...

But we might need our boob to say boob when we get old and forgetfull!!

Tenara King said...

That is too funny. Tattoos don't bother me on other people. Of course I won't ever get one. Too painful and I change my mind too much to find something to last forever. Anyways, I need to make a trip up to the library soon! I need children books on/about "Scarecrows"

Cynthia said...

All of the Halloween books have been checked out (as of Friday)

THere are still plenty of Thanksgiving books.

I am not sure what they have back in childrens that are specifically about Scarecrows

Mother Goose said...

too funny, but I have to admire the guy for researching his work and wanting to do a good job! LOL

kinslowfamily5 said...

totally off subject but I love your background it is too cute