Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'M Watching the VP debate right now.

****Edit**** I wrote this last night while I was watching the debate but my battery died and I was too exhausted to move my body to get the cord, so I am posting this morning. None of this drivel really makes any sense, but it makes me go to the happy spot where I have beautiful hair. Please comment and tell me who you think you are voting for or what you thought of the debate. Most of you probably have much more constructive thought than I do.
Did I mention that a was distracted by Sarah's hair?

I will get ugly comments from people if the first thing that I mention is Sarah's hair.

But Dang, Heather, will my hair do that? Will you stop by and put it up for me everyday?

Adrian does not think that there has been a clear winner so far. Since everyone thought Sarah was going to tank it, that seems pretty good to me.

I do not understand some of the rules of this thing. Joe Biden calls John McCain " John" but calls Sarah Palin "Governor Palin" It kinda bugs me.

Did you hear Joe Biden say marriage when talking about gay couples? He called it a marriage and then said that he Does Not support Gay marriage.

Umm, I think you do.

I want to make more comments, but I am so dizzy and distracted by that fabulous hair.

I went to a Time Out For Women in Nashville several years ago and there was a lady there who works for the government. She was in Afghanistan working with the women. She told so many wonderful stories of the improvement in their lives since the US invaded and took out the Taliban. It was so great. I think we need to increase the troops there.

And then there is that little annoyance called Osama Bin Laden.

I love how she just said that she is a Washington outsider and how politicians support something until they don't.

I agree, I think John McCain does know how to win a war.

Did you know that something like 50 Delawares would fit in Alaska. Or maybe it is 500. I don't remember.


Katie said...

I am politically more astute than you.

You see, I like her because she has a Wisconsin sounding accent.

And my family is from Wisconsin.

But she DOES have great hair.

Can you tell Chrys to add me to her blog? I am locked out.

melissa said...

Hi, this is my first time here. I love your blog. I too, was bowled over by the hair, it kept bringing me back to the little girl licking her hand and slicking her brothers hair! Also I like the hockey mom thing. I think she is real and it scares people. But who am I. Just one voter out of many.

kelly bee said...

And yet Delaware has a bigger population!