Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A little assistance, please

Hello peeps...

Could you help me out please? See that little place to the right that says come follow me? Yeah, that's it. Please click on it and choose to follow me. See, I have a plan. I would like to rid my blog of that terribly long blog roll down the side. I can fit all of you in a very smallish spot.

It won't hurt.

Or cost you a dime.

Puhleeese. Help a sister out. It is like spring cleaning. I want to gussy the place up a little. Oh, and Jennifer R. my friend who lives in Washington and who went to HKIS with me.

LEAVE A COMMENT GIRLFRIEND!!! you have been lurking for a year now! :)

Just so everyone knows I am following all of you that are there on my blog roll, so if you add following to your site, I will automatically be sitting there. Waiting. Like an obedient puppy that loves you no matter what.

MMMMM... I smell the meatloaf in the oven. Dinner, my favorite! (right after lunch and breakfast and second breakfast and fourth meal...)


Mother Goose said...

i am following you girlfriend.
I no longer comment or follow anyone who is not on my followers list! It makes it really easy to just read from my dashboard, so if people want comments or to be read by the goose, they need to follow my blog. No hurt feelings, just the facts!

Anonymous said...

hey, no fair calling me out on your blog...I feel like I went to school on the first day in my underwear! hahaha, not really. It's funny that you put that comment on there today...I talked to Jeff Magarity yesterday and Erik Muther today and then you...this is an HKIS week! Am I the only one from WA. that visits your blog?
"Jennifer R."