Friday, October 31, 2008


Did I scare you? Let me start by showing you dinner last night. I got this recipe from Abby at a Feathered Nest. Click HERE to read it.

One word people....YUM

And so stinkin' cute! Adrian made me take a picture to prove that I really cooked our dinner in a pumpkin. He says he would not have believed it.

He was trying to call me a liar, I guess.

WHAT. EVAH. Cause I know I baked it in a pumpkin.And now the spooks. Or should I say the Book Characters. Heaven forbid the kids actually celebrate Halloween at school. SHEESH.

First we have Nancy Drew sleuthing her way. Note the magnifying glass. Don't look to close Nancy, you will see evidence of poor housekeeping!Next up is a delightful little girl names Sophie Kringle. She is the main character in a book called Auntie Claus. I snagged the dress off of EBAY last week. Just in time. WHEW!Here is a picture of Molly holding her book with a pic of Sophie Kringle. Spitting image, dontcha think? This is the year we are going to win. Right?And using the Skeleton Key her dad made her this morning. In the book it opens the elevator that shoots up into the sky ala Willy Wonka to take you to the North Pole.


Mother Goose said...

very very cute! I am sure she will win! she is a spitting image of her!

Accidental housewife said...

What great costumes and beautiful girls.

I love the pumpkin idea. I have done that before with the small "sugar" pumpkins or pie pumpkins so that everyone has their own pumpkin bowl. It's a lot more work and I only do it when I feel especially Martha Stewardish.

Linda said...

Way cute ... love the costumes! When I was about your daughter's age, I was going to be Nancy Drew. I don't mean dressing up for Halloween, I mean I was going to actually BE her. Love love love Nancy! We have never heard of Sophie Kringle ... I am going to have to get that book now because my 3 year old is sitting here looking at your daughter and saying ... ooooo, lookie!

Oh yeah, that is very Martha doing the pumpkin thing. I love it! I have a couple of pumpkins waiting to do the same thing.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey Cynthia,

I have been on a blogging hiatus and I MISSED YOUR BOOK GIVEAWAY...and that book is right down my alley...oh well.

Baked pumpkin sounds so good right now...go figure...I am going to check out this recipe.

Your blog is looking as cute as ever.

And, I love the book character did good.