Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beehive Party

Since Lucy and Rachel are not old enough for Youth Conference this year they decided to take advantage of the fact that William was gone and have some friends over. They invited an out of town friend since her family would be coming here to drop off older siblings. Meet Lindsay. We call her Bob. And one friend from in town. Meet Alyson. She is actually our Beehive in training.

Bob and Lucy being themselves

I asked: why do you have a picture of your legs? Teenage girl response...Mom, do you see how cute our pajamas are? Oh, yeah, fabulous!
Getting ready for bed apparently requires make-up and curled hair, applied by some beauty consultants. Okay, Alyson looks really funny in this picture, I love it.
But make-up must be removed before actually going to sleep, and beauty masks are a must. They don't want to lose that glow of youth that the um...youth have...
And finally, watching A Walk to Remember. Alyson actually had a sleep over Thursday night also( we are on fall break.) She only saw about 10 minutes of the movie before she was snoozing. She then favored us with some comedy. She talked in her sleep to her brother and sister and walked in her sleep, yelling at a few people. Very entertaining!!!

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