Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mixed up day

Whatever happened to Halloween? When I was a kid it was so much fun to dress up in a costume that you made and wear it to school. We would have a parade around the school. I can remember lining up on the playground after we had paraded around. It usually was cold, since it was New Jersey. The only costume I can remember being was a witch. I know, you should dress up on Halloween, not be your true self... The costume was black with sparkly red trim. I am sure my mother made it for me or borrowed it and someone else's mom made it. I can also remember being a gypsy once and then in 10Th grade we were invited to a Halloween party and we went and rented costumes. I was the Hamburgler. I don't know what possessed me to pick something that lame.

I really had a lot of fun that 10th grade year. We were back in New Jersey after spending the 7 years before that in Illinois. I really enjoy all of the history that is in that part of central New Jersey. We lived close to Washington's Crossing. It might actually be in Pennsylvania, but as the name implies, it is a town built on the spot that Washington crossed the Delaware. There is also a fabulous town called Cranbury. It is warm and inviting. Of course I have to mention Princeton, since that is basically where we lived. My friends and I would take the "Dinky" into downtown Princeton. It was a little spur line off of the commuter railroad. It went into Princeton and back out again from Princeton Junction.

I have digressed. I wanted to talk about Halloween. We don't get a normal Halloween anymore. The kids can't even wear their costumes to school on Halloween anymore. Since it is spirit week we have had Hat day (Monday) Pajama day (Tuesday) and today was mis-match day. We prefer Crazy Hair day, which they have quit doing, so we just take mis-match day and wear crazy hair. So hear is Molly. She did her hair with NO Help. Ella had some help.

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