Sunday, October 28, 2007

Book Character Day

Our kids elementary school always celebrates Book Character Day on the Friday before Halloween. They have to have their book with them and be able to tell the judges about the book. Molly decided to be Little Witch last year. We had everything ready and then she came down with strep throat. Ella did too. Ella was going to be Dorothy last year and was going to bring her Maltese, Marshmallow to play the part of Toto. So last year both girls missed Book Character Day. Coincidentally, last year I told PTO that I would be in charge of the program. I organized judges, prizes and emceed an assembly for 700 students plus parents. I read our favorite picture book to the crowd and then announced all the winners (4 per grade) I had them on stage with me and had each of them tell why they picked their book. All this and my girls were at home with Adrian.

This year I didn't even go to the parties in their classrooms since I had a still pretty sick Harrison at home. He was released from the hospital the day before. Here is a very sweet Little Witch. For those of you not familiar with this series, Little Witch is always trying to be a "good" witch and do witchy things and obey her mother. The problem is that she isn't a good witch, she is a good little girl. She forgets to be messy and cleans her room. She forgets to stay out late and forgets to use bad manners, always saying please and thank you. We really enjoy these books.

Ella decided to be the Giving Tree. She had some real limbs from our tree out front. As you can see, the leaves are still nice and green. Her book was at school, so when we got there I looked in it and put a heart on her face with the initials M.E.+T. in it, like the boy carves in the tree. The girls looked great and had a great time. It is hard to believe that next year will be Ella's last year and then I will only have one little Book Character Day/Trick or Treater. Oh how time flies...


Chrys said...

Cynthia, I love this! Great costume and great book! I slap myself for not of thunking it!!!

Chrys said...

Wow, you were one busy lady last year with this book day. I think she is the most adorable witch I have ever seen. How fun! I really like what you did to your blog! Got all fancy and Martha Stewart on us eh? Everything is color co-ordinated. Two thumbs up!