Saturday, October 6, 2007

I can blog, too!

Okay, I have never really even read a blog before yesterday. That is a fairly odd statement from someone who loves to read as much as I do. Since I like writing almost as much as reading I decided to give this a go. I am a little freaked out that our personal info will be out there for strangers or psychos or pedophiles to peruse. I really get nervous when I think about someone looking at pictures of my children. I know they are fabulously gorgeous, I just don't want some nut case to think that!
The boys are all gone to church tonight. I love that they are there together! It is so great that Harrison has turned 12. Since he turned 12 he has gone on one camp out and had 2 Wed. night activities. One was Duty to God and the other was a combined activity. He has said they all were fun... but ... Harrison does not like crowds or chaos. I am amazed at the different personalities the kids have. I see such a mix of Adrian and me in Harrison, yet he is totally different than the others. William doesn't even notice that there is a crowd or chaos. Lucy wants to control the crowd and chaos. Rachel wants to hang out in it. Ella wants to lead them to the next thing and Molly wants to merge quietly. All so different. If only I could convince them to embrace their differences rather than trying to bend each other to their own will.
Tonight while the boys were gone the girls wanted to rent a movie, so we ended up buying (for only $3!!!!) Loves Softly Enduring something or another. Lucy said we NEEDED Volume 3, so now we have it. At the end of the movie the girls were excited and pointed out to me that I had watched the whole movie. I never sit through a whole movie. I am not patient enough to watch movies unless they are based on a Jane Austen novel.

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