Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Clean house

I know I am not the only one that struggles to have a clean house. I love having a clean house, but it is a full time job. Unfortunately I am not employed as a full time housekeeper here at the Hale Hole, um, I mean Hale House! I spend about 2 hours a day driving to and from school. That is if there are no extra activities. Yesterday was music so I had to run 2 kids to music lessons and then pick them up an hour later. Then 2 other kids stayed late for band and had to be picked up at 5:00. Plus we took a pie to our Bishop's house after FHE evening last night. Always something else to do, right?

SO what are the time savers out there? I have had my eye on that bathtub cleaning thing that you hang from the shower head and you press the button once a day and it sends a mega shot of cleaner in every direction and cleans the bath/shower. And I don't have to. Does anyone have this thingy? I keep seeing $5 off coupons in the paper and Wal-Mart has it for $25. If It works it would be well worth it, but if it doesn't it would be an0other junky waste of money and plastic. And Crunchy wants us to not buy anything this month. Well, I am not a big consumer, but I am in the middle of a big bathroom remodel and it is not going to wait till next month.

Anyway, I want your secrets for housecleaning. And your opinion on the bathroom thingumabob. Wish I could remember the name of it...

And I have been given 2 awards and I promise I will get those posts up soon.

Now, go and clean your houses!

Here is a link to the automatic shower cleaner


-Ann said...

You can try what I've done - lower your standards. :) Works a charm.

Also, choose your battles. I care about the kitchen and the bathrooms. I'd also like to keep the clutter down in the hallway and the sitting room. Beyond that, as long as it's not going to be condemned or a suitable breeding ground for germwarfare, I don't so much care.

Plus, you've got kids, right? Surely there are some draftees there - for dusting, vaccuuming, etc.

I've never heard of the bathtub thingy.

Katie said...

I don't think the shower thing was worth it. I have it. It has been out of batteries for a month. And I just don't care.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Ann took my answer....I was going to say not to worry about it. I wipe my bathrooms down with Clorox wipes every other day or so...seriously, I clean my showers every 6 weeks now a day...I know that is gross, but true.

I've seen the thingamajig on a commercial, but i know NOTHING about it...but as you can see showers are not my highest priority.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Lord I think I have found my people. I too was interested in the shower cleaner thingy. I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it. I recently spent a good hour scrubbing my shower b/c I waited so long to clean it!

april said...

Stash a box of baby wipes under the sink, pour some bleach on them....if you must, then when your brushing your teeth take a a baby wipe and give everything a quick swab. Wa-la...good enough.

Then yell at the kids to clean while you go lay on the couch and blog.

Don't buy the thingahookie.