Thursday, November 1, 2007

Are YOUR trick or treat bags full?

So, we are now really starting to feel like it is fall. The weather feels cooler, the Dogwoods have turned red. Life is good, I was pretty happy. Until today.

I went to do a little grocery shopping this morning. I put about 30 items into the buggy. Milk, pumpkin, OJ, green leaf lettuce, hamburger, get the picture. What do I not need to buy on November 1? what do NONE of us need more of on November 1????? Those #@* after holiday sales. Those people at Wal-Mart had the nerve to put big bins of CANDY in the center aisle at 50% off. They should all be strung up by their toe nails!! Candy should cost MORE after a holiday so I won't buy anymore. SHAME, GUILT, EMBARRASSMENT, MORE SHAME. I will have to flog myself with a wet noodle later. Not only did I buy 4 (yes, that says 4!!!) bags of candy today, NONE of it is left. We ate it all after a dinner that everyone liked and ate plenty at. I was stuffed when we got done. I how am going to PUKE all over this blasted computer. I am a complete food idiot. I ate candy that I don't even like that much. Save me from myself......

My dear friends, do NOT go into a store until the Halloween candy is gone. Save yourselves. The Christmas candy is there already, but that is safe because it is full price. We can say no to it!

I would post a picture...of empty wrappers and me doubled over clutching my stomach but I know you are hoping that I don't!! I guess I will just have to sleep off this agony...

hmmm do I dare say only healthy food tomorrow?

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gretchen said...

This is so funny. I can just picture it in my mind. Oh least it was fun!