Friday, April 18, 2008

I did something foolish

Last night Adrian told me a funny story about Molly. He said that she was walking through the house with her pant leg pulled up and rubbing her knee. He asked her what was wrong. Her reply: I did something foolish. (Foolish??)

Some back round:
She and the other kids have put "steps" on the front trees. They are just pieces of 1x6 that they have nailed up the tree. After they did that they decided to build a way to pull things up into the tree with them. They have tied a rope to the branch and put a big metal hook/clasp thingy on the other end. It closes around a bucket handle or whatever they hook it to. It is almost always is hooked to a bucket that sits in my front yard.

Back to last night. Apparently Molly decided it would be fun to hook the hooky thingy to her back belt loop and then hoist herself up. Yeah, I know, that isn't really possible, is it? I guess that you learn things like this by trial and error! So she hooked it to her pants and pulled. And must have lifted herself a bit because she ripped her belt loop off and landed on her knee.

Yeah, Molly, a little foolish, but cute!

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