Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On Monday April 14 I bought 37 gallons of milk. It was every gallon of skim that Kroger had. It was skim because, in my humble opinion, even 1/2 percent is thick and nasty and has to be strained through your teeth!

Why, Cynthia, did you buy 37 gallons of milk?

Funny you should ask. I bought them because they were $1 a piece. And since we go through about 10 gallons a week I figured saving over a hundred bucks was a groovy idea.

So I carted 37 gallons of Kroger skim home. We put it in the upright freezer in the basement. Adrian plugged it up and we went about our business. About an hour later the temp in the freezer had dropped 15 degrees. Excellent, they will be frozen by tomorrow afternoon, I thought. Then a couple of hours later (Do you see where this is going?) the temp had risen 10 degrees....whoa Nellie, RISEN?


Yep, the freezer was broken. GULP. 37 gallons, remember?

Did you know that it is possible to squish 37 gallons of milk into your already stuffed chest freezer. If you throw out the empty ice cream buckets? First you have to gripe and complain about having children that return empty ice cream buckets to the freezer. Then you have to remember to be thankful that they even return the ice cream buckets to the freezer. After you have only asked 37 times. (Do you see my theme? 37!)

So the happy Hale family is gulping milk as quick as we can. It is already almost half gone.

Our milk loving bellies are singing the happy song!


ChrisB said...

I cannot imagine getting through that much milk I barely use half a gallon a week~ so that would take me about 18 months to use it up!!!

gretchen said...

oh my goodness...milk heaven. Blake would be so so excited!

April said...

37 gallons? 10 gallons a week?

That's a lot of milk sister.

Rennie (Cantrell) Topper said...

Oh wow!!! That's terrible. I'm a milk-a-holic but that thought is making my tummy hurt.

Only $1 a gallon?!?!?!

Tenara King said...

WOW! That is a lot of milk. My family of three can only drink a gallon in a week and a half. However, most of the time it is tossed out because of being outdated. 37 gallons?!?!?! I can't even imagine that. :)

Chrys said...

10 gallons a week. There was a time we went through 6 gallons a week. Now, we are about 2 gallons per week. Will you fix the freezer?

Heather said...

37 gallons...oh my! What a great deal @ $1 wow!

Laura McIntyre said...

Oh no that would of been horrible to lose all that money and milk, thank god for your other freezer.

We don't even go through a gallon a week and we have alot of wastage as we all need different types (the girls get the full fat stuff for cereal, i use the middle stuff what we call semi skimmed for cooking and can only stand skimmed myself but i only use it in cereal)