Monday, April 14, 2008

My mailbox luvs me today

What a day. What a week, really. Did you all read about the tornadoes in Tennessee on Friday? They were one mile from my house. ONE MILE!! The kids couldn't leave school until about half an hour later than the bell because they had them all in the hall/basement in tornado position. I was in my tornado position down on Rachel's bed reading a book. With a flash light. Our power was out about half an hour. The tornado did major damage to some houses of people that we know. Very scary.

But on to lighter subjects. I walked out of my very cold house today into the very cold front yard in my fleece jammies to get the mail. It was on the 80's all last week and then boom, tornado and cold weather. Adrian actually got snowed on this morning while doing an inspection up the mountain a bit!So I am keeping warm in my jammies. And yes, I drove the kids to school in my jammies. First time I have ever done it.

So I walk out after the mailman has turned around and is headed back

up the road but still get caught by the UPS lady. Not like she cares that I am in fuzzy blue jammies, but I felt funny.

But she brought ME a package! It was from my Grandmother. How exciting. And then when I get in the house and rummage through the mail there is a letter for me. A LETTER? And guess where it was from....


From a certain Country Doctors Wife. You know, Mr. Panties Sister in Law!

Hooray, Rechelle! I received my Gift card to Anthropoligie. I am so excited to use it. I have been perusing their site and it may take me a while to pick what I want because I am really bad at decisions like this! But I am so excited to look. I am going to admit my small towness here when I say I had never heard of Anthropologie. So, Rechelle has saved me from a life doomed to only shopping at Wal-Mart and I am eternally grateful!

And from my Grandmother came some clothes and these three gems...

A book, because I love to read!

And these two pics. On the left is my Great Grandmother. We called her Daddo but her real name was Cynthia (just like yours truly, every ones fave blogger!) On the right is Daddo's mother, my great great grandmother. Her name was Martha Lou Shelby Hardin. I knew Daddo. She lived until my freshman year at college, but I never met Mattie, as she was called.

What a great day, and what wonderful treats that came to me.

Thank You Dee Dee and Rechelle!


Kim said...

I'm totally out of it--never been to anthropologie. don't even know what they sell. i've heard of it, cooler and hipper than me people talk about it.

I love love the name Martha!

Tenara King said...

Hey, I love getting mail! Even when I am expecting it. Thanks for the comment on my blog. The picture of Jax was made by Tabitha. She does really good taking and editing pictures!

Alice Wills Gold said...

So glad you are all o.k.

Love the package and the great letter w/, two in one day.

Enjoy those jammy days...I am anxiously awaiting summer for that very reason.

Kristi Moffitt said...

I have never heard of Anthropologie, did I spell that right? I need to Google it NOW. Sometimes I hate being a country bumpkin, until I hit rush hour traffic in Atlanta, and then I can't wait to get home!
Love your package and I am glad you guys are safe! It didn't get too bad here in the cove. I think if a tornado ever made it into our little hole, I would know that God was really mad at us.

Heather said...

Glad to hear you all are ok from the bad weather...this weather is CRAZY!!!

I can not believe that is the first time you have taken your kids to school in your pjs...I do it all the time :)

Chrys said...

Glad everyone survived the storms. I think you will like the store! I love the prezzies you received. Especially the pictures. Very nice!

The Burnetts said...

I love love love anthropologie- I have never actually bought anything from there but I have window shopped alot!! My boss' daughters shop there alot. Was Mollie terrified at school?? Emily was. She just wanted to go home!!