Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, here we are, another week gone by. Here are the highlights:

1. There have been a lot of questions about our 37 gallons of milk. There are 17 left in the freezer. Adrian just told me that we had 4 gallons of milk in the fridge when I brought them home, so you can do the math. We are loving having all this milk and I will be really bummed to go back to $40 a week on milk!

2. The spaghetti supper fundraiser was a big success. The most popular item was a German Chocolate Cake that went for $120. Yes, $120. Thank you Sister Foster!!

3. William has been working hard at getting the house painted. It is looking good. Oh, not our house, a house Adrian has bought to rent or flip or something. We will see what we do with it.

4. Ella has her cute glasses. Someone needs to force me to post a pic! It just takes so long to load the darn things!

5. William is hoping to complete his Eagle project on Saturday. Can I get an Amen?

6. William's car got a flat tire on Saturday. At the Stake Center. This allowed Adrian to meet a visiting member of the 70. Cool, huh? Have no idea what I am talking about? Call me, I know some fine young men that would love to explain it all to you! Oh, and it was really a hassle to change the tire since they are after market wheels. A funny size and recessed lug nuts. Adrian persevered and figured it out, though.

7. Adrian finally had a few minutes free and was able to hook up our new heat pump. Just in time cause we were getting pretty hot here in the house. We have turned the air conditioning on and Adrian is one happy camper. I am wearing fleece jammies and fuzzy socks, but that is okay!

8. Molly has been struggling with allergies this spring. Her eyes were so swollen Friday night she could hardly get them open. She had an Asian look. Seriously! We asked Dr. Foster for some advice Saturday night at Stake Conference and she suggested Zyrtec. We got some that night and she took a dose about 11:00 at night. She looked much better today. I hope this fixes her problem. We also had a good rain last night and today, so maybe that will knock some of whatever is bothering her out of the air.

9. We had the cousins come and spend the night this weekend. Since we had church meetings Saturday night for 18+ The kids all came here and goofed off. Lucy, Rachel, and Harrison each had a babysitting gig here at the house during the adult meeting. It was like a day care here. That was okay, cause I wasn't here to witness the carnage. I didn't get back home till close to eleven and everything was cleaned up and ship shape! I have VERY responsible teenagers!

10. Last night we went out to eat with Steve and Gretchen and Aaron and April at Pizza Hut. Okay, our Pizza Hut has become a Pizza Hut/ Wing Street and this is our first visit since the new menu. We are very disappointed. They have changed their sauce. Maybe the whole pizza. WE didn't like it. Bummer!

11. Today after Stake Conference we ate lunch at Adrian's parents house. The kids had a blast. And made a movie. It is on youtube, I think. I will have to get with William and ask him the details. I know his YouTube name is Enigmaof92. You can go and look at his videos, if you like weird 16 year old stuff.

12. William had a Drum Lesson this week. Of course the teacher thought he was great. William has a lot of natural musical talent.

Well, that is about all I can think of. Have a fab week!


Kristi Moffitt said...

Cynthia, thank your kids for babysitting for us! Chas and Katie had so much fun! I couldn't believe how many kids were running around when we went to pick them up. It's like they were coming out of the woodwork. Katie did say that she did not go up on the roof like the other girls. Eric said "They were on the ROOF of their house?!?!" Katie sounded appalled and said, "No Daddy! They were on the roof of their BARN". Eric said, "Oh, like that's better". I hope I'm not getting anyone in trouble, we just thought it was hilarious.

Rennie (Cantrell) Topper said...

I am still in awe that you got milk for just a dollar!!! How did you find that bargain?

Oh I posted on Michelle's blog concerning music and taste and we must have grown up loving the same stuff, what they use to call "Alternative",,,I have plenty of cassettes

McMinnville hadn't heard any "alternative" I was dating a guy from a Chattanooga Ward that kept me up to speed and would make copies of all sorts of cool band. It was way before REM went mainstream. Kinda hated it when "my music" went mainstream. Kinda burst the fun of it all.

Have a great day!!!