Saturday, September 27, 2008

Allergies are sucking the life out of William

Every fall it is the same. William suddenly drops nearly dead of mold allergies. I think it happens at the moment a few leaves fall and there is dew on them in the morning.

BOOM mold Grows.

And he can't breathe. Or swallow. or think. It is the pits!!!
I bought him these tissues. I started using them this morning because my nose is snuffly after sleeping with the windows open. They are really neat. They give you just a whiff of Vicks. It kind of lingers on your nose for a bit. I'm liking it. I could never slather actual Vicks on my nose. Yuck. William did say that even though they have lotion on them that the Vicks did start to burn a little last night when he was using a bazillion of them. He was using them this morning again. He is feeling a little better. He has had enough Zyrtec doses I think. And Garlic tablets. And ibuprofen.

Anyway, the tissues are keepers!

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Mother Goose said...

i have 2 that suffer terribly year round with allergies. They get that from Mr. Incredible. Figures, he couldn't pass on any genes so the children could look like his so he passed on his undesirable genes. NICE, LOL.

My children were getting shots in each arm twice a week. It was getting ridiculous. I have looked into treating naturally. I have a friend who swears by it. Using only organic milk and some natural multi vitamin tablet.