Thursday, September 18, 2008

Want to write on my wall?

so I added the Follower thing over there on the right under the sewing blogs. I have 0 followers.

Hello Loser!

whatever, I am sure once you all see it you will be fighting over who is my biggest fan!

This is starting to feel like Face Book.

want to "write on my wall"

Or "spank me"

Or whatever else weird stuff they do to each other over there.

I think since we are all a little more grown up then we should instead have to "clean each others walls. and door frames. and bathrooms."

Or spank each others kids. Or at least be in charge of discipline one day.

How about convincing my 16 year old that yes, you really have to leave on time EVERY day. Being late makes your sisters pretty irate!

Well, I have to go to my very awesome job.

I honestly still love love love it!

Edited to add:

JanMary you are my hero!!!

You are my Irish BFF!!!!!


JanMary said...

Don't want you to be "Norah no-mates" so I am following.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I don't know if by me coming over from my google reader, I will be your follower, but sorry I am not signing up for the service...I just can't keep up.

I am cracking up at this post.

I will gladly clean your walls and spank someone else's kids:)

JanMary said...

I see you now have more followers than me - I have only 8!!!