Sunday, September 28, 2008

Women's Broadcast

Oh my gosh! I have been wanting to post about last nights broadcast all day. I had a small problem, though.

Gremlins. In my head.

But they are gone. So on to important topics.

First... We were served a catered meal before the broadcast. Yum. We gathered at our stake center, which luckily is only about 5 minutes from my house. We had 220 women. That is a remarkably HUGE number. Let me explain to those of you out in Utah. Our Stake covers 7 counties.

Yes, 7.

Some women have to drive over 70 miles to get to our stake center. It was very exiting to see so many make the journey. Especially when we still have gas stations here in the Southeast that have not had gas since before the hurricane. Imagine how much we are paying!!!

Anyway. I loved hearing from our stake president first. He rocks. And then IO got to sit with him and discuss the camping trip that our Scouts took Friday night.

And totally gross him out. Good times!

Then we watched the broadcast. So great!

I was so stoked that Elder Uchtdorf spoke. Is it okay to have favorite apostles? Well I hope not cause he is totally my favorite! Have I included enough exclamation points yet? So I know you want to know my favorite part.

Elder Uchtdorf's purple tie. Inspiring....

Scariest part of the broadcast: It was when he told us to be more creative. I think he was trying to inspire us to decorate our houses.

I don't decorate. Really. It has taken me 11 years in this house to hang curtains in my bedroom. The other bedrooms still do not have any. Bare walls. No coffee tables. I just got a couple of end tables. And two matching lamps.

My mother about passed out when she was here in September. She noticed the lamps right away.

So basically I am inspired to dress my husband and sons in purple ties and to fret about my undecorated house.

It was a great broadcast!!!!!

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Caten 7 Mom said...

After the broadcast I got to thinking...Now Pres. Meridith probably thinks our scouts really are red necks!