Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Loyal Thomas

I want everyone to go and read this post. How right she is when she talks about how so many times we dwell on the mediocrity of our loved ones. They may do 1000 things wonderfully but we spend time fussing on the one annoyance of the day.

I know I do it. I have caught myself doing it many times and have tried to improve the behavior. One thing that I have started to avoid are certain people that seem to bring the worst out of my mouth. Do you know what I mean? The re are some people that just seem to get me to complain about things, that are not important, that my family members do.

I avoid talking to them at all costs! I do not want to complain about my husband and kids and feel all yucky! I try to talk to people that make me brag about how great they are.

I know, you are thinking, I have heard her complain. Sorry. You have found out my secret.

Shh.... don't tell

I am NOT perfect. There, I said it.


gretchen said...

So true! Thanks for reminding me to look for the positives!

Mother Goose said...

loved it!