Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wilderness Survival Campout

This camp out was not for the faint of heart. When I was talking to our stake president he got grossed out by it. Starting mumbling about football. I don't know anything about football, unfortunately. No one in this house ever watches or plays football. Of course, since we do not have broadcast TV that would make watching football kind of tricky....

But on to the camp out. It is pretty easy to explain. The first picture shows the boys with ALL of the gear they took. Basically no gear. If you are trapped in a survival situation you have to make do with what you have. They had a survival kit and 1 live chicken for every two boys.

Let the fun begin.... You can just barely see the edge of the mountain that they camped on behind them.
Look how happy and excited. Some of these boys REALLY took the preparation of this camp out seriously. They watched episode after episode of Man Versus Wild. They ate grasshoppers (???!!!) They all constructed their own survival kits. They were stoked about killing and eating the chickens. Have chicken, will survive. They hiked up the mountain carrying the chickens.

They made camp in a rock house. We live in Cherokee country. I like to think that hundreds of years ago this rock house was used as shelter by some of our native American ancestors.
Yes, I am going to cut your head off. By the way, chickens were harmed during this camp out!
Remember this guy? He was one of the happy 12 year old chefs on the last camp out. Last time it was scrambled eggs. Now he is going straight to the source!
Sling him, Bryce. Nothing like a little male bonding while wringing chicken necks.
A wee bit skinnier without his feathers.

Is that the Colonel's extra crispy recipe?

After that wonderful, filling dinner they try to get some sleep. Emergency blankets do not really offer much warmth, but they have a good crinkle factor. And the ground is hard. And dirty. And it was a little chilly.

They seem to have gotten a little bit dirty during the night.

The morning after shot is great.

Before and after. I love it!!!!! Here is a picture of the kit that Adrian made. You can see he set it on a box of margarine to illustrate how small it is.
Here are the contents. Most of it is self explanatory. On the pencil is Duct Tape. fishing line and hooks on the other pencil. upholstery needles with thread wrapped around them. That is for mending cloth AND skin. yuck.
Now, let the comments fly.....


Mother Goose said...

ohhh, my goodness, they definitely breed them different in TN! Poor A looks wiped out at the end of camp, those boys wear him out??

I know I would be a vegetarian if I had to kill and skin my own food, and then de gut it and eat it. YEP! most definitely.
killing, cleaning and touching would not be worth me getting into all that slime for some meat.
I love beef but I would pass.
I believe I could catch, clean and prepare a fish for eating.

{i}Post said...

Wow! Hiking with chickens just for one night? That is dedication!

gretchen said...

I talked to uncle A on Friday-before the camp out...this is just right up his alley. I don't think we really have the same gene pool at all. I couldn't do it unless of course I had to in which case I would find him to help! Wish I could say it looks like fun but it looks like torture to me! What an experience these boys will never forget!

Mark & Lindsey said...

Man, I wish I could've gone- NOT!!! I wouldn't know how to use half of that stuff and my survival kit would be much bigger- My make-up would never fit in that tiny thing! I'm very impressed!

Mr Qixpoioi said...

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