Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lucy's Christmas List

My children are wonderful people. They have simple needs. They are not greedy. I plan on posting every one's Christmas List. Today I will start with Lucy. For those of you that do not know her she is a super hard working, math loving, 14 year old band geek who has a thing for Duck's.

That Duck thing is kind of an inside joke.

Here is what is written on a slip of paper on the refrigerator:



Shoe Laces

Have we failed her some where along the way?

Oh, Adrian ordered her the yearbook last night. $70. Is this a normal price? Yes, I know I am giving away the secret, but he actually had her order it because the website was strange and confusing for my Cave Man husband....


gretchen said...

Yes..they are practical and sweet always grateful and appreciative for whatever they get. They are hard workers and wonderful 6 kids. Wish I had something to do with it-but I guess I'll have to give you all the credit.
Hope she gets all her christmas list can't wait to read everyone else!

We loved having Rachel this weekend. Wish I could have her!
Some how it made my mother's guilt of working all day so much less knowing my girls were SO happy!!!

Anonymous said...
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John said...
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