Thursday, November 13, 2008

Viva Tijuana

This morning Adrian and I left the house at 6:30 am. We drove 80 miles to Nashville. We were at Gate C20 at 8:30. Our flight was to leave at 9:50. Mechanical problems gave us a new departure of around 10:45 and a new plane. Soon we were cruising the sunny, albiet bumpy, skies. Four hours later we landed in San Diego. After a quick van ride we ended up at the Hotel Lucerne. Viva la Tijuana....

Here is a picture from our hotel room of the mountains

Roundabouts all along the Avenue of Heroes.

And another view from our balcony. It is a little hard to see so I will tell you what you are looking at. SHACKS. Shacks clinging to the side of the hill. Sort of reminds me of Hong Kong and the Phillipines

And for dinner.... Mexican, of course! First off, Chicken Rice Soup. mmmm...bueno

Hot sauce, crushed peppers, chips and Adrian's Chicken fajita's.

My chicken enchilada's with chipoltle sauce. Muy yummy!!

inside the resturaunt

live piano music...

the sauce sampler. Has anyone else noticed that I was so obsessed with tasting the food that I didn't take any pictures until after we had eaten half of what was on our plates?

tomorrow we may do a little shopping....


Accidental housewife said...

Honey, What in the HAIL are you doing in TJ? Getting dental work done? Getting mugged? Perhaps just inhaling the smog infested stuff they call air? WHAT? WHY?

Mike, Andrea, & Abbie said...

Stay away form the drug dealers, they'll dismember your body and hang you from an overpass. If you get back to SD and want to do some sight seeing or go to the beach we can take you wherever. Let me know. 619-726-5374 work cell.