Tuesday, November 25, 2008

spider egg sacs in my hair

below our house lies the basement. most of you probably can say the same thing. i have never cleaned the basement. we have lived here 11 years.

it is vile

it is disgusting

it has dead mice and cobwebs

there are 2 bazillion spider egg sacs. really.

my washer and dryer are down there and so is one of my daughters room. Her room has been cleaned and painted. About 2 years ago. She sort of cleans it, but she is way too easy going.

We have decided to redo the basement and move her room and make a giant family room. a massive TV, pool table, lots of couches, teenagers having parties room. I want this soooo bad. ROCK BAND would be downstairs.

Let me repeat that... ROCK BAND would be downstairs. I know, it is like a dream.

But now I have to clean the basement. And throw away the crap. and paint the cement floor and cinder block walls. Adrian would do it, but he works. I love that he works. I just wish that a fairy godmother would come and **POOF**

so instead of being in the basement chucking moldy books into the back of the truck i am cleaning the kitchen. folding laundry. wiping the bathroom sink out. online Christmas shopping. all these things need done, right???

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Shelane said...

i think i would prefer the spider egg sacs to rodents, atleast until i remember the nightmare about a spider laying eggs under the skin of my sisters leg. sorry, too graphic? ok, new topic.

my mom built a new house when 5 of the 8 kids had moved out and included a game room with the projector, pool table, foosball, etc. we love it when we get to come visit.