Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stone Door State Park

This is the "stone door" at Stone Door State Park. Adrian took the Scouts to camp there last night. Indians used it as a cut through once upon a time. It saved a lot of extra walking....Later that night Harrison cooked some of his world famous Great Value Ravioli. YUM YUM. He used this little folding Sterno stove. Very light and handy when you back pack in to the campsite like they did this time.The next morning they decided to see if they had 9 lives and jump offs of cliffs. Some people call it repelling. I call it Repulsive. But who am I to judge?Well now that very small not steep rock was easy. Now for something a little more terrifying. I mean more fun. Lets tie a rope to a puny looking tree and jump backwards off a 100 foot tall cliff. II believe I have called these boys lemmings already when they went cliff jumping into the river. Maybe I should start calling them clinically insane!!Here, it has a little ledge at the beginning. No big Deal.GULP!! BIG DEAL!!!MOM DID NOT NEED TO SEE THIS!!!!!!

Just another day living with Danger Boy.





Shelane said...

one of dh and I's first date (the one right after he shot an elk) was repelling. still makes me nervous but i have to fake it or there's no way the boys will go down. and i have this weird theory that it will build character in them so i make them do it even if they don't want to. once i bribed with happy meals, and this last time with $5 to the first down. gol, the things we do for our kids.

haley said...

Puny tree? That thing looks dead! And where are its roots? It looks like someone just wedged a large branch into a crack in the rocks. Anyway, Aaron and I used to go to Stone Door all the time when we were dating. Did you know that was where he proposed? Yup, on Conference weekend in October, six years ago!