Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artist Trading Cards

This has really been fun. And stressful. *sigh* It is never easy, is it! Below you will see Molly's cards. We are mailing them tomorrow. Ahead of schedule. 2 days before the deadline.

I am pretty darn happy about it, I must say. The top two are fabric, ribbon, buttons and gems. The bottom three are part of a series about her stuffed cat named Mal. In one Mal is in Paris (Eiffel Tower behind her!) in one she is getting ready for bed and the other she is enjoying the summer. Here is Molly writing the pertinent info on the back. Be sure and save these originals for when she is a famous artist.

Here are two of Ella's cards. They are fabric, buttons and a metal heart thingy. Adrian kept telling her to save the bunny one for herself because it was so darn cute. She decided to send it off, but NOT to the boy in her swap group. EEEWWWWW!!!

We are working chronologically backwards since that is how Blogger likes to do it. hmmm...

Here are all of Ella's. This is awfully random, isn't it? The top middle is a Japanese House. But Ella likes to mix it up so she called it "Chinese House". I better stop her before she gets totally out of control on me, huh?
The bottom right is a water fall and is named something or another about rocks. It has lots of rocks on the sides. And finally on the bottom left is an ocean scene. With the sun shining. If you look closely you can see the people getting skin cancer.
Just kidding. That is just what I see when i look at pictures of the beach.
Well, totally random and disjointed ramblings here in this post.
Have I mentioned we have a drum set in the house. Yeah, it has been 24 hours since they have come home.
My kids are all walking around with ear plugs in. This is how are conversations go now,
Something like that....
oh, I have gotten some things ordered for a big bloggy giveaway. Stay tuned!!!

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