Thursday, February 5, 2009

He is an official blogger, sort of...

I created a blog for my husband. He was kind of resistant at first. He had a different plan.

But it was harder. And not as pretty.

Now he loves it and is sending everyone to look at it. No, he doesn't reveal any funny stories about himself on it. Or give us any good housekeeping ideas. Or recipes.

It has pictures of the houses that he has for sale. I have only put one up right now because he has contracts on 2 others and renters in the other two. But rest assured. There will be more. He has a house buying obsession.

A lot of times I don't really even know what houses he has. And I like it that way. He doesn't know what I am buying at the grocery store on any given day and I do not know if he is headed to the courthouse to attend a foreclosure auction.

It is all about taking care of our own stuff and delegating to the other what they are good at.

If Adrian was in charge of grocery shopping we would have 743 pounds of red meat, some white bread and mayonnaise. Oh, and some Breyers ice cream.

If I was in charge of buying houses I would say they are all too icky and I am too cheap to spend the money and all of our retirement would be sitting in mutual funds.

So it is a good thing that we divide and conquer here at our house!

So, here is his site:

Go and leave him a nice comment.

Or better yet, make an offer on the house!!!!


dlyn said...

Gosh - I would put an offer on one, but they are just a tad out of my neighborhood! ;)

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