Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've got issues

help. please.

help me spend my Anthropologie gift card. I cannot "borrow" their pics, so you will have to click on the links and then come back and give me your opinions.

Choice A:
Matryoshka measuring cups

Choice B:
Artist's tote
but do I get it in orange or blue? be sure and look at the back view, because the fabric is different


Jennie R. said...

that is an easy choice for me....artists tote, orange. :o)

Jennie R. said...
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Jennie R. said...

oops, not sure how that double post happened, sorry! can you delete one, because I didn't see a way I could.

Gladys said...

Artist Tote in orange. It looks like spring to me.

Shelane said...

i'm voting for the matryoshka dolls, but mostly because i'm partial... i took 3 years of russian in high school and my husband went on his mission. i love the variety of dolls they make.

Kama said...

I like the dolls...but I am not a purse/bag person.