Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ella the All-Star or the big blogging question: why do we love to see pictures of other peoples kids getting trophys?

Ella was voted onto the all-star team again this year in basketball. Here she is with her friend Kara, who also made the all-star team. Here is Ella with the other girls from her team who made all-star.
THere were a lot of all-stars this year. 36 I think they said.

Even though she is hard to see in this picture, it so captures her personality. She is waving at us. Most of my kids never pay any attention to us when they are participating in sports or activities. They many times do not even know if we were there watching them. NOT Ella! She is always looking up in the stands to see if we are watching. Here is the proof I was watching, Ella. I have a picture!

Here she is with her coach and team members accepting a trophy for placing second in the season.

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Mother Goose said...

I just adore ella's personality