Saturday, December 8, 2007

And The Mighty Shall Fall

There once was a mighty oak tree. Over 100 years old.
It was planted when this land was homesteaded and the original house was built. The house that stood directly in front of the house we live in. The family that built our house bought the farm and lived in the original house until this one was built in 1964. The original house had no indoor plumbing. Not even a faucet. They hauled the water up from the spring that is down the hill a little ways. They eventually dug the well that we still use today.
This was the last of the original trees. It was hollow. You could walk through it, if you didn't mind the poison ivy.

That is our friend Aaron with the chainsaw. He is really smart about trees. He cuts them down for a living. I am not sure if they were teasing me (they do that a lot since I am scared of everything!) but they were saying things like: I'll have to jump out of the way and might break a leg.

I stepped back another 30 foot and made a mental note of where the life insurance policy was. And how quick I would be putting up a "FOR SALE" sign in the front yard. TIMBER!!
As you can see, all went well. NOTHING was broken. Amazing. Really. Some day I will have to tell you about the day my husband cut down the 50 year old silver maple in the back. Right next to the house. And the power lines. While I was hosting a pre-school cooking party. Lets just say no more cakes were baked int eh oven that day. And the guests scrambled pretty quick. And the roof was dented. No big deal...

There was even enough time for Adrian to talk on the phone. Oh wait, he is ALWAYS talking on the phone!
Aaron is thinking: He buddy I just drove half an hour down the mountain to help you and you have to talk to your lawyer or your allergist or your neighbor who is a professional entertainment cowboy roper dude. Or whoever that is. Lets talk about saws. or skidders. or can hooks. (that is some of my fancy logging lingo. Of course I have no idea what I am talking about, but I will have a good story about the many uses of can hook handles later on this month.)
Let me just clean this up a bit for you.
Since I have it down I can torture it now.
I am a happy logger. I just wish this woman taking my picture had a better camera so I didn't look so bad. I am really the kind of guy who is into how I look. Really. Logger fashion is very important.


Chrys said...

I love the history and the land that you live on. Awesome! Hey, I think you should get a new camera for Christmas. You know for the sake of the blogging world. LOL

Blake said...

This is kinda sad! Cute Aaron. He never changes. He's always just the way he is!!!