Thursday, May 1, 2008

Death by Chocolate?

So yesterday I picked up the kids from school. I also had Bryce with me cause Wednesdays are when Bacon at 3 have there practice sessions before church. Adrian had told me earlier in the day that some of William's friends from school had gotten into some trouble when they were on the limo ride to the formal junior/senior dinner. ( A little back round info...William goes to a Church of Christ school so, no dancing allowed. Just last year they started having a formal dinner for the Juniors and Seniors. Like a prom, without the prom part!)

Anyway, some kids got into a wee bit of trouble. I was talking (okay, giving him the 3rd degree!) about the exact specifics of what had happened. I kept using the word liquor. After about 10 minutes of discussion Molly says:

Hold on. I do not understand this conversation. Why did he get in trouble for having LICORICE in the limo?

Yeah, watch out for those Church of Christ schools. They are banning Twizzlers. We have to stop the insanity before it spreads to Reece's and Snickers!


Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Oh please, not the reese's. I have two a day... my only vice... (shhhh, don't tell anyone, especially NLM)

gretchen said...

wish I could try some of that kind of liqour...i mean licorice!! ha ha

i didn't think about them not having prom...that's a bummer but it makes sense since they don't dance and all!

Chrys said...

wow, it sounds like some kind of footloose movie about to happen! LOL, especially with the 3 in a band. I can see it now. Just remember I get dibbs on the profitts.

swampy said...

Why do words like: Pernod, Ouzo, and Sambucca pop into my head?

Susiewearsthepants said...

LOL, that's so funny!

Anonymous said...

could you PLEASE STOP making fun of church of christ churches!It`s not nice AT ALLLLL.Very mean and childish!