Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wheat, Money, and Butternut Squash

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I buy 45 pound buckets of wheat through a company called Wheat Montana. A lady at church organizes an order once every few years. Last time we ordered wheat was about $12 a bucket. I store the wheat in my basement and I grind it as I need it.

It is time to order more wheat. She called 2 weeks ago and the price had gone up to $24. a bucket.


Wait, it gets worse. They told her that $24 was only guaranteed until that Friday and that in two more weeks the price would be up to about $26 dollars a bucket. GULP. So we decided to order quick. Fast forward to last night at church. We are going to write her our checks. I am planning on buying 20 buckets. It was supposed to be $520 for the wheat. (That was including shipping)

Pat called to get the price Wednesday morning. It had gone up. But not to $26. Oh, no, we should be so lucky.


Molly is here on the calculator. $640. That is not pesos!

Now today when talked to them and they can no longer include shipping in that price because of the rising fuel prices.

Please add $6.20 a bucket for shipping.

We have decided that our family will be filling our food storage in another area this year. I really really like having wheat. I think it is an important element. But dang! As Adrian keeps pointing out, wheat futures are going down, so maybe in a year we can get 20 or 30 buckets for less. In the mean time we will work on pasta and tomato sauce and tuna and everything else that I can just buy locally.

And then there are Butternut Squash. I paid almost $6 for a Butternut Squash yesterday. That feels like highway robbery. But Harrison likes to put cooked Butternut Squash in his mac and cheese and who am I to tell the non vegi eater to not eat that vegi, since it is basically the only one he will eat. SO when I cut it open tonight I took the seeds out and am going to start them here in the kitchen and then grow Butternut Squash in the flowerbed. And those of you that know me know how I hate gardening.

But my gosh people! Harrison can be in charge of a couple of squash plants this summer and save us mucho denero. How do you spell denero?

I am considering a few other plants. But I know myself and surely I will let them wilt and die and get suffocated by weeds rather than actually go outside and take care of them because, yuck, I just really do not like being outdoors.

Oh, and next week I will start having to buy milk again.

I think that somehow the democrats and their bio fuel ideas are behind this all.

Yeah, that will probably get me some comments, but I don't care cause I am feeling a bit peevish about this all right now!


Michelle said...

That really stinks. I would like to use wheat, but I have no idea where to start. I really need you to give me lessons!!

With everything happening in the world around us, I feel really underprepared in the food storage area.

I'm with you on the democrat thing!

Tenara King said...

Oh, wow that all is pricey! However, I am like you. I do not get along with plants of any sort. I would waste all of my money by building a garden and letting it die. My dad was a great gardener! He always had a beautiful garden and took pride in it. The summer he died, my sister and I vowed to take care of the garden the rest of the summer. Yeah, that did not last long. I still do not understand why he would come out of the garden happy. It was waaaaaayyyyyy too much work for me! :) Hopefully, things will start going down soon. (Let's think positive atleast.)

Laura McIntyre said...

Oh gosh that is expensive, everything over here seems to get more and more expensive each week to. Its horrible (but i would still love your gas prices, we are around $10 a gallon)

Alice Wills Gold said...

I just got wheat from Montana Wheat...we bought ours from an Omish community....$300 for 500 lbs!!! WOW!

Surely you can grow at least ONE butternut squash out of the seeds.

I swear we all need to move to some communal society where we go back to the law of consecration.

And, forget all those democratic "Save the planet" schemes.

I have heard that Brigham Young said that wheat would someday be worth it's weight in gold...maybe you should think again and stock up.

Rice is in a shortage too.

Ahhhh!!! Maybe we should all just be vegetarians.

April said...

You need to go to the grain elevator during wheat harvest and ask if you can clean up the wheat that spills or just ask for a scoop of wheat, I guarantee it will not cost that much. That just sounds crazy to me!