Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A random update for those of you that are obsessed with every detail of my families life. Yes, I mean you creepy stalker person....

Tonight was Ella's first fast pitch ball game. Her reaction:

"That ball comes at you fast!"

It's that natural athletic intuition that makes her such an excellent ball player.

Sunday Adrian was released from three years of serving as Elders Quorum President.
Yes, he is going to get another calling. No, I can't tell you what it is.

Ella and Molly received awards for reading this week. Molly had just over 100 AR points and Ella had 510. Her school used to give prizes to the kids who had the most in each grade. Ella was trying to get the most in the whole school. All they did was give her an award that said she was in the 200 point club. Excuse me? They refuse to acknowledge achievement and they reward mediocrity. They said they could not say how many points they actually had because of "privacy issues!" Privacy issues my tushie!

Sorry for my potty mouth.

I am sick to death of the elementary school here and their bizarre agenda. I fought with them two years ago when I was in charge of Book Character Day (politically correct Halloween). They wanted me to give each child in the school a ribbon that said, "I participated in Book Character Day"

Even if they didn't dress up.

Why should we give them a ribbon saying they participated when they did not? To celebrate mediocrity? To not hurt anyone's feeling? I said no, they gave out ribbons anyway. I have not helped with anything since then. Yep. I have had between 1 and 4 students at a time going to that school for 11 years now. And I have had about enough.

Why should Ella work her tail off when they don't even acknowledge it? I know, because hard work is its own reward, right? Sometimes when you are nine years old a pat on the back is needed, too!

OOOH, did you see that rant coming?

I better run and burn the 25 copies of the Powerpoint Ella and I made of her class pictures. We love to do things for Ella's teacher. She is the BEST teacher we have ever had. And we have had a whole lot of teachers in the past 11 years with our 6 kids. Guess how our fantastic principal treats the best teacher ever?

He fires her.

yep. Our principal can go suck eggs.

Wonder if he will read this. Wonder if it would make a difference? nah!


kelly bee said...

aw, you should do something special for ella. a dinner out with mom, perhaps?

Tenara King said...

Oh, my goodness! I can't believe all of this. I am a strong believer in tough love. If it hurts other's feelings that Ella got a prize for top points, I would say you should have worked harder like her! What school is this? I don't know if I would want to be a part of it. :) The teacher got fired and you say one of the best teachers (you have a lot of experience to judge that too). WOW! That scares me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can't believe they didn't give her a super award for over 500 points. That is amazing! I gave an award for the top point person in our school today and she had 393. I know how much she read, I can't imagine 500.
Sounds like that school needs some help!

gretchen said...


Michelle said...

Don't even get me started on HC!!! My children are going to get the best education they can or I am going to be their worst nightmare!!

Chrys said...

Cynthia, I am so with you on this and every point you made! Grrr.. yeah I can not stand awarding and punishing children on a whole. No one wants to hurt anyone's feelings blah blah blah. Give em a ribbon. plthhh.. And then no one can acknowledge an accelerated reader above nice job, here is your certificate that the other 500 students received! OH praise is far and little but heaven's forbid they cross over in a non crossing area. Let's call everyone in for a meeting! Can these people be serious?? I notice this behavior in everything we do. WE are in rec sports. the same. Why have rules if they will not enforce them. Why? If you are not going to teach the children the fundamentals of the game then what is the purpose? OH I can't go on, I will be ranting more and this is your post! LOL< I feel your pain!

Mother 25 - 8 said...

I just came upon your blog via Ali. She's great. Anyways, had to comment on this. TOTALLY AGREE W/YOU!! I can't even add to what you said because you said it perfectly. I've joined the PTO for the purpose of taking video games out of book fairs and putting some competition into field days. Drives me nuts the pressure put on schools to make all the kids feel important. That's the parent's (caretakers, etc.) jobs.