Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Still steamed, but the other kiddos are racking up the awards

I have received many nice comments and talked to a lot of people today who said that Ella really got the shaft about the AR thing. Thank you.

Then I went to Harrison's award program today. He got 4 awards and a medal. For most AR points in his team.

And they said how many he had.

OOOOHHHHH I better complain to the school board that our privacy was invaded! Oh, and he had over 600 points. Last year he had the most in his grade and that made his friend Stephen mad so this year Stephen made sure he got more points. Over 800! See how that works, kids will push themselves harder as you raise the bar.

And to think, I don't even have an education degree.

So our delightful principal is going to have a little visit with me tomorrow and unless I am really happy when I leave our superintendent will be next.


And know for something completely different, a man with three buttocks.

Kidding. But can you name the TV show?

Okay, so what I really want to say is that my sweet husband came tonight and taught the Young Women how to make soda can camp stoves. It was so great and they each made one to take home.

You Rock Adrian!


Michelle said...

Good luck talking to Principal BUTT-HEAD!!

I went with another mother on Tuesday to try and figure out what was going on with our class and teacher. He didn't even want to talk to us!! He just kind of threw up his hands when we told him we wanted to know what was happening. He didn't want to take us in a room to speak with us...


Chrys said...

LOL, hey I wanted to say way to go ella! I played all 4 years fast pitch softball. I was the pitcher and short stop! I struck out an entire team one game! It was awesome. I did get a scholarship to play softball to a NON church school!