Thursday, May 15, 2008

my 200th post in which i ask aquestion, raise a warning and a picture of a hottie with an accent

Last week there was a slug in my kitchen sink. Where did it come from? The consensus is that it was on one of the bowls rescued from the backyard and rinsed off into the sink, down the drain only to crawl back up the next day into a clean sink.

I very much want to forget that I ever saw this slug. But seeing this slug makes me think of my poor parenting skills. See, once Lucy was a happy little 8 month old crawler. Actually she wasn't a happy baby, but we will pretend she was for this story. She also was PICKY. she only drank milk. And ate Uncle Ben's Country Inn Broccoli Rice Au Gratin. No joke. So one day she was crawling around our 75 year old cruddy rundown farm house when she spies a big fat slug on the kitchen floor. Slugs loved to squeeze in under the back door of that house. It was really such a fun, quaint, example of all I love about country living.

so what does a girl who will eat nothing at all do when she sees a big slimy slug?

Yep, she decides to take a nibble.

And I can't decide what to do. Slug=gross. But she is chomping away on the thing and I REALLY do not want to touch it. Should I pull it out of her mouth or just pretend we are having French day and it is escargot.

Finally she spit it out and just moved on her merry way.

I still have nightmares.


Now my warning. You can only watch instant view Netflix movies from 3 computers. We own 3 computers and I just cleaned my laptop up. Netflix is treating it like a fourth computer. Now I have to wait 30 days before I can watch Ballykissangel and Monarch of the Glen on my laptop.


Here is a picture of what makes Monarch of the Glen such a great show

that is Alastair Mackenzie. He plays Archie. Archie is a reluctant Laird. And he is this weeks crush with an accent.



Ben said...

Dude- Lucy ate a slug! That's freaking awesome! I can only imagine what Harrison's ate :)

Susiewearsthepants said...

Oh Lord, how gross! I worked with a lady who had a baby daughter. When she was about a year old she would point and say "BUG!" and then snatch it up and eat it. I bet if could have seen your face it would have been green.