Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I found these random pictures

First we have a very strange game that we played at our family night several years ago. They had to get a dime off of a pile of flour without using their hands.

What was I thinking letting Harrison do this on the carpet? We still have this same carpet and I understand now why it looks so creepy!

That is William. He is asleep. My guess is that he went camping the night before. he thinks it is fun to stay up ALL NIGHT when he is camping. What he calls fun we call "Family Torture Saturday"!!

What is this? Why do we have a picture of it? Someone help me please!
oh boy, must have been a spirit day activity. Go Pep Club! I have absolutely no memory of her ever looking like this. But this is my child, in my house, so chances are I saw it. Okay..... moving on.Good grief, what is this, the Rachel show?

Aright, grab your jackets, cause fall has arrived. We are morphing into October and the carnage that we like to call

It must have been a little cool out because the girls decided to put on a coat. But in true redneck spirit...

They are barefoot. And we obviously had a litter of puppies at this time.

So how was your Halloween candy? Good? Fabulous, because it is time for Thanksgiving at the beach house. Here is a little pilgrim girl we call Prudence, no, Charity, no wait, MOLLY! Okay, the worst part of this picture is that I sewed this same outfit for ALL of the little girls in Molly's kindergarten class. I just have oodles of free time I am trying to fill. Would anyone like me to sew some random costumes for their kids classrooms?Christmas just seems to come earlier and earlier each year. Molly sure enjoys a drumstick!I would enjoy it if I got the broom and laundry basket put away. Sheesh!


Joanna said...

Oh my goodness - I remember playing that flour game for FHE when I was a little girl - and that's 30 years ago, and on the other side of the world in NZ! I had forgotten all about it until I saw these pictures! We must play that with our kids tonight. They will love it! Thanks for the memories!

Chrys said...

I love your pictures! ohh can I please come for Christmas dinner and I would like to put in an order for the Thanksgiving outfitts. We will need slightly more material! Seriously, 4 girls, and 4 boys! Can you see Bill in a pilgrim collar?? rofl You are martha stewart! why are none of your children named martha??

Katie said...

Okay, so your comment made me shudder about ten times. Never, ever again!!!

April said...

I love the sleeping kid on the trampoline! I think the flour and dime game sounds awful, I would end up sniffing it up my nose for sure.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I think the pilgrim outfit and that big chicken leg go together perfectly, don't you?