Sunday, May 4, 2008


Update: I have added more pictures on the Eagle Project Blog. Head over and check it out.


William finished his Eagle Project yesterday .

And wrote the report today.

I have posted LOTS of picture on his Eagle Project Blog.

Please go and visit it and leave him a note. I will post the finished project pictures tomorrow. I am too tired tonight.

P.S. Thanks so much to everyone that helped!!!!


ChrisB said...

You must feel very proud.

Chrys said...

yeah! what a great accomplishment. Another little boy in our church stood up in testimony and finished his Eagle project too. He had his eagle ceremony on Saturday! He is 13 years old! He is the 2nd of 5 boys. That took some serious dedication. WOOHOO TO William!

Heather said...

Yeah!! Way to go William. I will have to show Mitchell when he gets home.

Alison said...

Yea...what an accomplishment!!