Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Saturday

Adrian decided to set this big pile on fire. He lit it while the kids and I were gone watching Prince Caspian. This pile is here because Adrian decided it was time to tear down the scary falling in barn.

But he decided that only half of it was scary so he left the other half standing. Then he called me and asked me to stop and get some hot dogs and marshmallows.

Did I hear wiener roast? That sounds like no cooking and no clean up. Woohoo.

Here is a picture of the fire late Saturday night with the flash turned on:

and some with the flash off:

Then on Sunday it suddenly it felt like summer when William was eating this with strawberries picked in our front yard

and Molly was doing this on the back deck


Grand Life said...

Reminds me of the day we burned our old outhouse at the cabin. Yes, I did ask DH if we should alert the rural volunteer fire department, and yes he said it wasn't necessary, and yes, they did show up at our back door. "Just call us next time" was their advise. Fortunately we only had one outhouse.
Have a great week.

Chrys said...

MOLY that is some fire! I am so envious that you grow your own strawberries! YUMMY! Yes, we have been eating a lot of watermelon these days too. Great pics!

Kim said...

ahhh, summer. finally. happy wiener roasting!

ChrisB said...

Now that made a great bonfire. You are so lucky to grow your own strawberries. Today I paid a fortune for about half a pound!

Kristi said...

Just out of curiosity, was that the same barn your kids were sitting on?

Alice Wills Gold said...