Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 GOALS

Okay. I did it. I made GOALS for 2009. Waaaaaaaay easier than resolutions.

Adrian had the whole family sit down on Monday night and we set personal goals. And we kept most of them personal.

We are a bunch of wimps.

I have decided to tell you some of my goals. Some of my goals nod at the fact that I am a huge failure in many areas. I know we all think that, but broadcasting it all over the Internet is not something I am willing to do.

I am a delicate flower and don't want to be living in shame and embarrassment the rest of my life because you all know my deep dark dorkyness.

We were each given an index card and told to set a goal in three different areas:

Can you tell who was in charge? My three areas would have been:

But he was in charge, so we humored him. I kept begging him to please just tell me my financial goal. Since really, he is the one that loves financial goals. and checking the bank accounts everyday. and having a binder for budgets. and one for expenses. and 764 bank accounts that are each neatly labeled as to what they are designed to hold money for.

acct#2351 Christmas
acct# 9836 pet supplies
acct#7046 shoelaces
acct#6219 roof repairs to garage we have not built yet

Okay, you get the idea. and yes, I exaggerate. Slightly.

I love you honey, really. He keeps everything shipshape and I kind of come through like a hurricane. So I came up with a financial goal that he will really like.

Here they are:

Spiritual- *Read scriptures everyday

Physical- *Join 3 swaps
*join 3 Book Challenges
*make my bed everyday. (oops, I will be right back.

Alright, I am back)

Financial- remember to put money back in my account when I buy something that cost a lot of money and then need to reimburse myself. And do it right away, not two weeks later so that I don't forget that I have no money and then incur, umm, shall we say, overage charges. whoops. In other words, I will no longer be the hurricane that blows the financial plan ship out of the water. Pretty generous, if I do say so myself.

And there are a few others, but I am not revealing them because my final goal:

Be more mysterious!


Gladys said...

I don't set goals. I figure you keep your expectations low enough you'll never be disappointed. ;)

Not really. My main goal this year is to give more.

Give more of my time and my self to those who need help.

Give more of my time and self to meditation.

Give more of my time and self to love and forgiveness.

Oh and I already make my bed and vacuum my floors everyday so I have that one covered!

gretchen said...

Great Goals!!! I like the make my bed every day!
I have to be careful with goals too. I get so obsessed with them sometimes that everything else falls by the wayside.