Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My husband wisked me off on a date last night

We went to the local High School basketball game. girls and boys.

The team from a town larger than ours ate our girls and then spit them out. It was brutal. But we got to see some of our friends kids. And some of our kids friends.

whew, say that fast five times. Really I spent a lot of the time spying on some of my kids friends sitting with there boyfriends/girlfriends. Hmmm.

Me no likey!

But I doubt I will ever likey. That is really a story for a different day. So Adrian watched the game. I watched the kids, including my own Lucy who was working the concession stand.

Yes, Lucy, I could see you every time someone opened the door. Which was a lot because we live in Sun Drop Country! I know because the radio and billboard ads tell me. Now I have never actually had a Sun Drop that I can remember, but I do know where I live!

After the girls game ended the boys took the court. To the sound of loud confusing noise. er, music?

And then they started to do some kind of High School Musical dance routine. I was waiting for the singing when I realized that was just their warm-up routine.

Their coach must really like musicals. I'm just saying....

With 47.5 seconds left the referee fellow blew his whistle and called a time out. The coaches both walked out and started to talk to him. A player had fallen right before the official blew his whistle, but he was okay.

They kept pointing at the floor and then looking at the ceiling. Then someone carried a towel out. And they yakked a bit more. Then they carried a Trash Can out.

Obstacles! That would make the game so much more interesting! Is that TSSAA approved?

And then they said it was halftime and then they cancelled the game. Have I mentioned we have had a lot of rain? The roof was leaking .

DRIP. DRIP. DRIP. Onto the court. See the trashcan down there? I thought they should just play, but what do I know?

There was also a lot of this during the game.
I really DO NOT know what to think about all the texting that goes on around me. I was even texting Lucy in the concession stand. I wanted gum and was entirely too lazy to go down and buy it.
Turns out they did not even have any gum for me to buy.
But later a very nice, tall, large footed boy brought me a bag of popcorn. Excellent service at that concession stand, I must say!
Hey, I just learned that texting is not a word according to spell check. go figure

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