Monday, January 5, 2009

After reading Lisa's List

I decided that I, too, could make a New Year's Resolutions List. Why did her list inspire me? Because last year her resolution was to be more mysterious.

Yeah, I know. That totally rocks.

So, I thought, I can handle resolutions of that caliber. Do I want to be more mysterious? How about more unique? Perhaps more grouchy?

Oh baby, now there is a resolution. Sign me up! I will feel SOOO accomplished.

But then I read April's list. I love April. She is my opposite in so many ways and it endears me to her. She wants land, animals, gardens, canning, all that stuff. I want away from all that stuff.

Maybe we could swap? Oh no, she has most of that stuff, it would just be trading farm for farm.

Anyhoo, I want to make a reasonable list. I want to read my scriptures more. And be more patient. I want to get off my duff more.

Ugh. I think this was a bad idea. I just thought of two bazillion things that I could write down. I will NEVER do them. What is the point. How can I pick just a few?

I want to be more mysterious. Easy Peasy. Cause no one will ever know if I really achieve that.

The things that I really want to do are selfish and I don't need to do them more.

I don't need to sew more. I don't need to read more. I don't need to nap more. I don't need to cook more desserts. Instead of cooking dinner.

Yes, I have done that. More than once. I am a terrible person, I know. But I have lovely cakes and fruit crisps waiting to dull my shame!

So tell me what to do.

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Mother Goose said...

i say with each recipe or thing you cook or bake you should post a pic and post the recipe so I can drool all over my screen!

I wish we could have met up this past holiday while i was in town! Don't you all ever LEAVE mcminnville???